Asking for your help - Smoking ordinance to protect residents in Mountain View, CA

Discussion in 'California & Nevada (Northern)' started by swong46, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. swong46

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    Hi everyone, I usually don't post this kind of stuff but I am trying to generate awareness for a friend.

    He and his wife have worked very hard to purchase their first home to discover their neighbors are not the friendliest bunch. The previous owners moved to evade these neighbors without disclosing the issues. The site property managers are not helping but did tell my friend of the constant conflicts.

    My friends are some of the nicest people I know and when he asked his neighbors politely to not smoke directly outside his window, they retaliated with constant deliberate second hand smoke.

    Him, his wife and dog are harassed daily with loud music through the night and trashcan banging regardless of calling the police. My friends and their dog are stressed out and being stuck at home these days just makes things worse.

    He's trying to handle one thing at a time and wants the city to adopt smoking zones.

    Below is his Change link. He's not asking for anything except for your voice and story if you have one to share. Please share however you can to create more awareness. You do not need to be a local resident to sign. Thank you!

    He has a meeting with the mayor this week but would love to have more signatures before then!
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  3. Hocakes

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    Apr 24, 2010
    I dealt with this with 2 different ****** neighbors when I had my condo. They smoked outside to avoid stinking up their unit, but had no problems with it coming in my windows & stinking up my unit. Condo board did nothing.

    I would suggest as many good old fashioned azz beatings as needed to rectify the situation or ordering some cadaverine & putrescine and very sneakily depositing it where the neighbors can fully enjoy the aroma.

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  4. EastMemphis

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    Thank God I have an acre of land. One of our neighbors has two dogs that bark constantly. The only time I know about it is when I open the back door to my new garage. Then I can faintly hear them.

    They won't be able to legislate the neighbors into compliance and the only outcome is going to be more stress and discomfort.

    If I were in their situation, the first thing I would do is hire a good private investigator to see what kind of dirt they have hidden in their past. They might find an outstanding warrant. They might find that they are hiding from a judgement. They could find all sorts of interesting things that can be used as leverage. Without leverage of some sort, they'll never be able to bring those screwballs into line.

    I wish them the best.
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  5. DrStranglove

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    You will have one heck of a time getting anything that says someone can not do just about anything currently legal on their land. If it were me you targeted I would come back with the smoke coming through your kitchen vent and the flat out deadly gas from the tail pipe of your car, and the noxious fumes from the bathroom vents. All this on top of personal freedoms from being on your property.
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  6. Ak Jim

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    Dec 23, 2007
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    Can they take any legal action against the people they bought the house from?
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  8. MotorMouth

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    I can’t understand why people like this live in a condo or close quarters... your friends I mean, not the smokers.
  9. PeterS

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    Jan 24, 2003
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    Its the SF Bay Area proper where an average Condo is well north of $1.5M.
  10. Snewton94024

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    Apr 24, 2015
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    Steve Newton
    That type of known behavior would require the seller to disclose it under California real estate law which could give them some form of relief but to get around the problem entirely they would have to rescind the deal which has all kinds of problems attached to it.
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  11. PeterS

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    Jan 24, 2003
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    I checked out the petition and though I agree to the most part, I have a tough time signing anything that allows California government to have more intrusion in my life. I think the best thing you can do is to politely present your issue (again) to the neighbor and ask that they do their best to accommodate your situation. Also, can you put a fan outside on your property that would help to redirect their smoke? If it all goes south and the neighbor are just plain A-Holes, maybe you can BBQ something really stinky every night and use the fan to blow the smoke in their direction.

    As for stupid laws Kalifornia has passed, get a load of a few of these!
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