Asbestos in 1981 400i?

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    Although I'm around on other Ferrari groups this is my first post on Ferrari Chat. Here are lots of photos of my car:

    I'm looking at moving my car from New Zealand to Australia. Unfortunately Australia has some of the most strict asbestos import laws in the world. The onus is on the importer to prove there is no asbestos in a car and the result of not being prepared is very expensive and potentially destructive,.

    I'm aware of the general areas that vehicles could contain asbestos such as brakes, clutch, thermal insulation, gaskets etc

    Has anyone ever done any testing on the 400 or has anyone got any documentation which shows areas which specifically have asbestos or do not.

    I have already refurbished the brakes and installed EBC pads so that is not longer an area of concern. I have also removed the gear box and cleaned out the bell housing and installed a AP racing clutch, so again that is no longer a problem area. What about the insulation between the floor and exhaust? Any gaskets?

    Any insights would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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    The cabin is all fibreglass, the firewall heat shield is made of a sheet of aluminium riveted on the fiberglass with mineral wool sandwiched in between. Under the chassis in the transmission tunnel, the heat-shield and sound proofing is made of fabric. Reasonably soft and does not "break" like abestos, So no asbestos there.

    The heat-shields on the manifold are a sheer sheet of steel / aluminium bolted on the manifold.

    Chances are that there used to be some asbestos on the exhaust manifold gasket, but given the high level of maintenance in these cars, these have probably been already replaced by now? On my car for instance, these gaskets were not like the usual "Cangerite" (spelling?) stuff I've seen in my older Renaults. Note that I have stainless exhaust, so I can assume these gaskets were not the factory ones.

    If you still have the stock (rusty) manifold, in order to play it safe you could replace the gaskets: removing the manifolds is much more easy on the injected cars than on their carbed counterparts. You could do this while replacing the air filters for instance and take this opportunity so as to fit new manifold heat-shields.
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    I recently bought second hand underfloor panels for my car from Europe. They came with the insulation still stuck to them. I’m no expert but I’m fairly sure it was asbestos blanket. White fluffy kinda stuff. I used ceramic blanket bought from eBay for the new panels I had made up. Not sure if the guys on docks will pick that up or not.

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    Wayne Clark
    Aust rules are zero asbestos, not asbestos free. Some countries consider less than (say) 1% to be asbestos free, Aust is zero with zero tolerance. I asked about sending in cars with new "asbestos free" pads & clutch, the answer was "they will need to be tested to prove they are asbestos free", that means removed under bonded storage conditions by eligible professionals wearing asbestos protective clothing, then having them tested (this is not a non destructive process!). Then you will have to pay to have the vehicle put back together. I brought a car in without brake pads, clutch, heat shields, gaskets etc but they wanted the carpets removed to check for "seads, dirt, dust that could contain bugs", just depends if you get an anal inspector. My inspection took over 3 weeks and was reinspected 3 times by 3 different inspectors. After each inspection your case joins the bottom of the queue. This was handled by agents who do it every day and they told me it is the norm now. Mine was done earlier this year. Just be prepared.
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    simon klein

    Jeeez you've been a bit quiet lately Wayne....
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    Not to knock Australia but:

    Asbestos use in Australia
    Up until the mid-1980s, Australia had one of the highest rates of asbestos use per person in the world. Asbestos was mined in Australia until 1984, and 1.5 million tonnes of asbestos was imported between 1930 and 1983. On the 31st December 2003 asbestos was banned in Australia.

    Just seems a bit ridiculous for cars other than brake and clutch linings.
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    simon klein
    Yeah we know pal,it's because of all that stuff that we've been turned into the nanny country we now are..
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    The asbestos testing has gone crazy!

    Watch out for the aircon gas as well.
    When I had a second hand air-con unit for a 400i sent over they wanted it certified to not have any of the old air-con gas in it.
    Common sense won out in the end as I explained it was open to the atmosphere & did not contain any gas.
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