Anybody know Forza 1 Motorsport

Discussion in 'Canada' started by White rock, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. White rock

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    Oct 23, 2013
    White Rock BC
    Anybody know Forza 1/Motorsport in Vancouver.
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  3. samsaprunoff

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    Jun 8, 2004
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    Sam Saprunoff
    Good day,

    I have not heard of them, however, their website is somewhat sparse with little "meat" ... which is a bit of a concern/red flag for me. What I find interesting is that they do not actually provide their physical address on their website. That being said I did a reverse lookup on their web domain and find that it is registered to a Rupe Mann of 360 Industrial Avenue in Vancouver. Digging further this location has 2 businesses listed within google: Autodex Car Repair and Millennium Auto Center. Given that the Forza is also in auto business I would assume that these other businesses are related and/or are the same as Forza. Secondly, Rupe Mann has a Linked in profile which indicates that he is an auto technician:


  4. Gary Sandberg

    Gary Sandberg Formula Junior

    Porsche Centre Vancouver had Forza 1 do some major work on my 328 GTS prior to listing the car for sale. The suspension bushings and sway arms were done as well as clutch, brakes, and numerous electrical issues.

    One of the reasons I bought the car was because of the extensive servicing that was done by Forza 1. I have not had any issues whatsoever.

    If Porsche Centre trusts them, I do as well. Definitely would consider returning. The problem, they were so thorough and so good, it will probably be some time;):D.

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