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Discussion in 'Mondial' started by derekw, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. derekw

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    Derek W
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    Hi all,
    When I got these improved air injector plugs made they would only make a minimum of 200 so I got some in silver and some red. They are anodised 6061-T6 and have a longer nose that you can grind off flush with the port so no whistling and better flow. PM me if you want some, $60 incl. post for a set of 8. cheers, derek
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  2. James in Denver

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    May 23, 2006
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    James in Denver
    Sending PM for one set of silver. --- James in Denver
  3. derekw

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    Sep 7, 2010
    London, UK
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    Derek W
    Since some have asked, these are the M14 plugs for the 308 2V and early QV. Later cars had M16 plugs. I can get some plugs made but would need ten sets pre-sold or I'll be dragging these around with me for a while.
  4. Alden

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    Apr 25, 2010
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    I am in for a set for my 1988 3.2, silver.

    Can you explain about grinding them off?
  5. 348KYD

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    Hi Derek, do you still have these available?
  6. DanielGA

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    Mar 19, 2018
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    Daniel A.
    I am also interested but for a Mondial/308 2V.

    The current ones are plugged from the outside but still protrude into exhaust port,...can I just cut/grind them so they no longer protrude?

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