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Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by TexFerrari, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. TexFerrari

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    What cars might be worth money, say 20 years from now, worth more then the purchase price, and could still use them along the way for a bit of fun? Or what are the rarest late model production cars from each make?

    Some of my initial suggestions/reasoning ares:


    - 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe. This has to be a very rare and fun car by a make that no longer exists. Thinking if Pontiac ever comes back or not, either way could be good for collecting. I think they made only 1200 coupes total, any idea on how many Turbo GXP ones? In a decade or two, this would still turn heads, and turbo makes keeping up simple.

    - Late Model 4th gen Trans am, like Firehawks and the 2002 collector edition seems to still be holding value. With little hope of the Trans Am coming back now with the current Camaro debut, might be future rare American muscle.


    - s2000cr (club racer), more rare version of a fairly popular car. I think the simple drivers oriented cockpit, high rev and other aspect of this car would make it popular in the future, like some simple sports cars of yester-year are today.

    - 99-00 civic si. Likely closest to a real US si we got. Many totaled and many riced out, 20 years from now current Gen Y people may be looking to relive their youth, like many over 50 now are buying up American muscle, and a clean example is already hard to find. Event better would be an Integra Type R of same vintage.


    - GTR A bit pricey, I'm also concerned about it being over electronically gizmoed, all of which will seem funny and Atari like 20 years from now IF still working by then. I think those that are more "mechanically magical then electronically will likely fair better down the road. However, it sets a standard, has cult following, first time for US market and a fairly rare Nissan so I guess it goes on my list for now.

    - 2010 Nismo 370Z 350hp, no added weight, likely the best z yet. Old clean special Z cars seem to do well today.


    - Elise, feel like they made too many, but a real and simple drivers car that is still rare compared to regular production cars. Maybe a clean Type 72d (signed and only like 50 of them), or exige s version to separate it from the "regular" ones for some more future collectible value.

    Will think about more makes and models soon, feel free to share. Trying to keep it to cars that are reasonably affordable also, its easy to pick out super or hyper cars that are rare.
  2. REMIX

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    Pontiac G8.

    Corvette ZHZ

    Charger SRT8

    Saturn Sky
  3. sTyleR

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    Ferrari 308 -Being the first V8 Ferrari, I think that prices will eventually ascend significantly for a nice example.

    Dodge Viper GTS -Especially for 1996 and 1997 original blue w/ white, 1998 GTSR's, 2001 ACR's, and 2002 Final Series GTS's, being the more highly sought after models.

    Toyota Supra Turbo -Very capable car. Many have been built into drag cars and modified beyond street use. An original example is hard to come by.
  4. 355dreamer

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    Euro 308 GTB
    455 Trans Ams
    90s ZR1 Vette
    E36 M3 LTW
    VR6 Corrado
  5. TexasF355F1

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    I have a hard time thinking a Civic would ever be considered a collectable.
  6. 95Aero

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    Passed that one up and already regret it....76 with the 455 and a hurst 4 speed....its the last of the real BIG blocks from the muscle car era...assuming that you think that carb regulations never stopped anyone from having a lil fun!
  7. kverges

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    Keith Verges
    I don't think there is a single modern car worth "investing" in - the time to buy, IMO is near the 20th anniversary.

    cars nearing that mark

    1992 Viper ( only about 200 built, first year of production). Maybe 1996 GTS

    1990 ZR1 first year of production and relattively low production. 1995 last year might fly, too.

    NSX (perhaps first year)

    1995-6 Supra

    A more modern car that I think has bucked the trend and appreciated

    Z8, perhaps Diablos

    No high production car is going to appreciate and be "enjoyable." You will have to restore the car to get money back out and restoration costs are only recoverable once you get in the $100K plus range.

    If there were more than 1000 made, I'd say forget it.

    Most enthusiastic drivers won't even want a "bubble" car as disuse can make a car much worse than a well-maintained driven car.
  8. karmavore

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    Luke Colorado
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    It will. When the boy racers of 1999 turn 50. Say about 2030. BUT... more than the Civic Si are the CRX Si and even more than that the del Sol VTEC!
  9. GG

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    Feb 21, 2008
    By the OP's definition (worth more than asking price), you're right, but look at how highly desirable CRX's and the like are.

    In my opinion, an unmolested E46 ZCP or CSL will command more than asking price in 20 years.
  10. BT

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    Bill Tracy
    I think the Panoz AIV Roadster will be the best collectible that you can get for reasonable money today. Super low production numbers and a good racing pedigree for the company. I also think the NSX will have a high value in twenty years. Vipers are in that same group, but I don't think they will appreciate the same amount as the NSX.
  11. DriveAfterDark

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    Jan 1, 2007
    You guys left out a future gem; E30 M3! Everybody seems to love it and it is truly epic to drive. If you're not a hp craving guy, you will have big grins.

    Limited production and icon status; It will continue to rise all the up past E46 M3 in price, just like 993 Turbo vs 996 Turbo.
  12. TexFerrari

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    Sep 11, 2004
    Texas of course!

    - Viper, GTS, ACR first production examples, some of the more rare examples.

    - Prowler (black tie addition, 2001, last plymouth made and less than 200), especially with the matching trailer, or maybe a woodward edition. These are rare versions of a fairly rare car. The v6 engine kept sales down, however its unique enough to still turn heads and be a collectible novelty I think in 20 years.

    - SRT 8 cars, many are fairly low numbers and the best example of the car model, like the SRT8 300c for example. As reasonably affordable, many more will likely no longer exist in 20 years as most that bought these are not taking much better care of them compared to the regular models. Challenger should be a good one to add here, though I'm not too sure on full out retro cars value in the future.


    - M3, first generation e30. As someone posted, an icon, exceedingly hard to find a good example. Some rare e46 M3's, being the highest specific output naturally aspirated engine ever made by BMW I believe still, especially with their recent move to turbos.

    - First and Second generation M coupe, very few made and very unique looking. For example, 2008, less than 300. That is rare for any mass produced brand.
  13. xotik

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    Late 80's Monte Carlo SS and Hurst Olds. I think preserved examples of these cars will be the hot item at Barrett Jackson in 20 years.
  14. jm3

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    190 e 2.3 16V
  15. Pedro

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    P Licious
    I think the E30 M3 is already in the collectible category. I see 308 GT4s getting there, but it while be a while before the GTB and GTS are truly "collectible." I also see promise for the M-B 560 SL and 90s 500E/E500, as well as the '78-'89 Porsche 911 and the aforementioned ZR-1. All can be had for around $20K, often much less.
  16. Wade

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    Wade O.
    Crossfire SRT6, the lovechild of Daimler-Benz AG and Chrysler, only about 2000 Coupes imported. Hand-built AMG supercharged V-6 conservatively rated at 330HP, 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. With a set of Toyo Proxies, it loves the curves too.
  17. HobbsTC

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    Funny you mention that. I just watched a show on HDnet about someone flipping a Cosworth. Paid something like 2700 pounds for it and put about 500 into it to sell.
  18. REMIX

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    Well, now that you mention it - 86 and 87 Buick Grand Nationals.

  19. TexasF355F1

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    That's true.
  20. technom3

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    people said that about 65-66 mustangs... camaros... chevelles... hell there was a time when a GTO wasn't desirable... and a daytona coupe that won the championship was bought for less than $1,000.

    before you say its a civic... not any of those cars... they made to many a civic is a civic blah blah blah the Si and the type R are/were the most sought after versions of my generation. People still go nuts over those cars... and in 20 years after all of my generation has kids... it could very well be "the" car to have at a "barret jackson"

    its just a thought
  21. technom3

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    "fan boys" drive del sols regardless of del sol si or vtech. Granted it was the first car to use the B16 in the states... its weight and girl image stains it...
  22. tundraphile

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    May 16, 2007
    BMW M Coupe
    Ferrari 456
    Ferrari 355
    C5 Corvette Z06
    GMC Typhoon
    Lotus Esprit
    Jaguar XJ12
    Jeep SRT8
    M-B SL55 (03+)
    Porsche 944 Turbo
  23. TexFerrari

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    Sep 11, 2004
    Texas of course!
    Exactly. Back in those days, that generation did NOT have Jap cars to aspire to. They drove what was available and today many are worth good money. Its really the same thing, often looking into the past predicts the future. In this case, the only difference is the affordable cars the youth run around in and modify for performance and image happens to be imports more often then NOT.

    Hope to go through the rest of the car makes, and then compile a master list at the end. Put it in a time capsule, then see, lol :)
  24. tundraphile

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    May 16, 2007
    Thought of another one:

    The original Honda Insight. A poor seller but technologically significant.

    SSNISTR F1 Veteran

    Feb 13, 2004
    Alot of you are shooting in the wind....

    '96 Corvette Grand Sport (already skyrocketing)
    '96 Corvette LT4
    '90-'95 Corvette ZR-1
    '09 G8 GXP
    '02 Camaro 35th Anniversary
    '02 Firebird Firehawk
    '86-'87 Grand National
    '84-'85 Hurst Olds

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