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    The Boutique at Boardwalk Ferrari / Maserati has been refreshed and alot of new items have been put out for sale. We have shirts, caps, the newest Hot Wheels models, desk sets, I-Phone cases, even baby shoes!

    So, in order to build awareness, Jessie ( our new Boutique Manager ) has hidden 10 - Gift Cards in and around the show room , waiting room, bath rooms, drink bar, as well as inside the Boutique area itself. Come out, walk through the showroom and Boutique, see what we have to offer, and maybe be lucky enough to find one of the cards! Then, you can use the card to pick up something " Ferrari " to take home.

    These gift cards range in value from $20.00 upto $50.00 and may be used same as cash!

    YES, we are trying to show off our new Boutique , so tell your friends and come in tomorrow, Saturday 8/11/12 between 9am and 4pm

    ## PLEASE NOTE: The gift cards are " hidden " but not in a manner that will require tools or the removal of any fixtures!

    This " Special " is for Saturday 8/11/12 only and 1 per client please.


    p.s. Yes, the gift cards may be used towards the purchase of any car in our inventory as well!
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