412i auto to manual conversion?

Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by Stani83, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Stani83

    Stani83 Rookie

    Dec 10, 2020
    Hi, good idea to transform my 412i 3 speed automatic to a manual 5 speed? Any suggestions ?

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  3. roger21

    roger21 Formula Junior

    Aug 13, 2015
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    Already discussed several times... best way is sell the auto and buy a manual! Sorry but I think it sums up pretty well
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  4. raemin

    raemin Formula Junior

    Jan 16, 2007
    Lyon (FR)
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    R. Emin
    "TH400 swap" in the search engine will give you quite a few hints. (Spoiler: rigid torque tube setup implies roger21 is right)

    Cost analysis :
    Technical Overview :
    More detailed analysis of rear axle ratio :

    Side note : there is a reason why so many of these cars were sold with an auto transmission. A well sorted out 412 auto is a joy to drive. The 412 already comes with a proper torque converter and shorter rear axle ratio compared to the earlier 400. No point in messing with such a car. Also this is the only way to get an automatic transmission in a vintage ferrari?
  5. Temerian

    Temerian Karting
    Silver Subscribed

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Rick Temerian
    Have to agree with all above. There is certainly a premium for manual transmissions vs. autos but a well running auto is an excellent driver especially for longer trips.
  6. raemin

    raemin Formula Junior

    Jan 16, 2007
    Lyon (FR)
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    R. Emin
    It is indeed significantly less noisy which is a real plus in a long trip. Transmission and axle noise is not the sort of rewarding Ferrari sound we all love... No definitive explanation on this issue but this could be due to the higher 5th gear combined with shorter rear axle ratio of the manual transmission that makes the manual 400 noisier than its auto counterpart at 120~140 km/h.

    I am not saying a 400 auto is better than a 400 manual. No doubt the manuals were produced in limited numbers and as such do carry a higher value. This being said before playing down a 400 auto one should really test both cars and come to the conclusion that at its current market price the 400 auto does provide lots of pleasure for the money. As previously said the 400gen2 and 412 auto transmission did receive a few upgrades that make them even better.

    Last but not least a 400auto converted to 400manual will never carry the value of a real 400manual as the VIN number stamped on the chassis will always show the type of transmission the car had when it left the factory.
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