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    May 19, 2010
    Dear all,

    Does anybody here have a good description of changing the fuel hoses on a 400i, both for fuel delivery from the tank and the return lines? It would be brilliant with a list of needed hoses and dimensions. And in the best of worlds of there any hints when exchanging them.

    I just noted that some of mine probably are exchanged but some seem to be the old textile covered typr which is probably original from 1980. That is scary.

    Thank you
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    R. Emin
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    Gary Shore
    raemin.....I have been reading your posts from the start, you have provided some great information many times, this time....not so much.
    The thread you refer to above is for a 365 with a carbureted engine, Rob has a 400i fuel injected car, two very different systems, be careful.

    Rob, here is a diagram of the 400i fuel system, I have replaced fuel pumps, filters, supply hoses, etc on my 1985 400i, and also rebuilt one of the fuel distributor units.


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