355 supercharge kit

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    Wow. Did you read the description?
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    Product fail. Product description epic fail.
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    Lol, bloody hell. :p:p

    Buy Ferrari F355 Electric Supercharger Bolt-On Kit

    The Ferrari F 355 superchargers do so many unbelievable things to this sports car manufactured by Ferrari from 1994 to 1999. The electrical supercharger fine-tunes the torque to ensure that the gas mileage is well checked and therefore no wastage. The Ferrari F 355 supercharger is the sole innovator that ensures that horsepower is added. Consequently, this is the reason why most people are wondering why some Ferrari F 355 has such an impressive speed. The bolt on supercharger, moreover, induces efficacy about your vehicle with the combustion ratio now exact and to the point. Come and experience, therefore, the effect of the Ferrari F 355 supercharging and reap all the raw power strength of your car. Go to the relevant Ferrari F 355 shop and also get a supercharger kit which will help in keeping your car to the trendy current standards. Don’t be left outside while others get wise with supercharging.
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    That's a riot!!! sounds like a babelfish translation :D
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    The translation seems to get worse and worse as it goes along... as if the translating program was getting tired.
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    You can even get a K&N "style" air filter with it for $19.99, what a great deal !
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    Vince V
    Too funny and they are in the 909 area code, aka "Fontucky", USA. Depending on your battery power, you can generate about 3-4 lbs of ram air with these fans. I was actually toying with the idea of installing 2 on my 348, but the prospect of having to install another battery to power them stated to get complicated. Your alternator surely won't be able to keep up with these amp hungry babies. Allegedly, your stock chips can handle the extra boost since the stock F/A maps handle the range. Yeah, right. Wow, keep your chips, fuel system, injectors and gain another 45 HP?! Holy Crap sign me up! :p
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    Funny, but a good friend of mine tried this about 15 years ago on a 318 BMW, where he placed a blower in the intact tract and wired it to a switch, and damned if it didn't increase the performance of the car! Not sure I want one on the 355 though.....
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    It's worth a laugh to read the description for some of the other cars, too. Here's an excerpt from the Chevrolet Corvette "supercharger" kit description:

    Wait! I found a better one:

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    I have a picture... somewhere... of a late 90s mustang with a Toro leaf blower attached to the intake. It fit under the hood in the stock airbox location. That's some redneck engineering for you. It probably worked too!

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