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    Today on the PV switchbacks, I was behind a guy in a black 348, I was on the Ducati 1200 S, I got a chance to talk to him for a bit, its hard to hear with helmet and earplugs, I guess he said it was a 93 and that he had a lot of work done on it, the car was shod with 355 wheels. I asked him what was his F CHAT name, I could not make out what he said, I told him mine , he said he recognized me . I flipped a u turn and tried to catch up with a couple of fast guys , on my way down, the 348 was chasing the other two bikes, looked good going around the corners, I finally was able to get behind the other two riders and gave chase, not a good idea, seeing that I was not warmed up, and felt really disconnected to the bike, that happens sometimes, these guys were quick, knees dragging full on, i was able to stay with them, but I was no where near where I am normally on two wheels , my ego got the best of me, I was out of shape, and sloppy for sure, but I didnt crash. We all pulled over and talked for a bit, just us on the bikes. Imt not sure why, the 1200 s is the only bike that when not having ridden in a while, when I get back in the saddle, I always feel awkward for a while, its a lousy feeling, and I just am not able feel right on it, with that being said, I could get back on it the next day, and I feel just the opposite .

    Thank you
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