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    Hey All, i purchased a 1982 308 GTSi about 17 years ago and it has a long unique story. this car was purchased in 1990 in Florida. it has never been registered or even had license plates on it. it has only been driven in 1990 and 1991 I believe both years (may only be one year) and has a grand total of 681 miles on it. My dilemma is that the person i bought it from was the wife of a guy who passed away. She is a family friend and knew I was the right person for this car but the engine was semi-apart as he was working on putting a turbocharger on it. I believe I have all the parts to put it together as well as all the parts needed for the turbo. I believe this car is pretty unique due to the miles and I am looking for advice as to how to get it back running first off or putting the turbo on it. I am not sure if this car is worth a lot or not, need advice there. How much it will be to do all the seals, belts, etc. And if it's worth putting money into? Basically I need a lot of advice. I live in the Buffalo, NY area and there really isnt anyone that can work on them in the close vicinity. Or ones I would trust... Thanks in advance for any help.
    Anyone know anyone in the buffalo, NY area to contact to help?
    Thanks in advance
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    Call Vinny Latina a call at Auto Elite in Tenafly. I've seen him put together several cars that were in parts. If you & he agree, then trailer it there.
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    This is a good news bad news kind of thing. The good news is you have a "Time Capsule" 308 on your hands. It has value in being a 308, as those cars have seen a climb in recent years. Being a TC has extra value to certain collectors.

    The bad news is that you need to prepare yourself for a whopping bill! In a worst case scenario, you could end up "upside down" on it, even if the car was gifted to you. Regardless of whether all parts are on hand to put the engine back together, a "major" engine out service is going to be mandatory, at minimum. Fuel and coolant lines should all be replaced due to age/rot. Many of the perishable bits that look "ok" on the outside probably lost their internal integrity years ago, due to non-use. Did I mention timing belts, and the associated parts? Hopefully the engine does not need a full tear-down and rebuild. But it may. It's best to let a trained expert determine that. But even if it's in great shape after all these years, that's all going to add up quickly. Don't even think of trying to start and drive it, if it hasn't yet been serviced properly.

    Don't mean to scare you, but the reality is that a Ferrari that has sat unused for most of its life can become very expensive and time consuming to restore to driving condition. The biggest questions to ask yourself are, what would you ultimately plan to do with it? Restore it back to factory OEM original, keep it and leave it's mileage unchanged as a garage queen? Restore and upgrade with the turbo and other specialized 308 performance bits that are now available? Or would you want to simply Drive and enjoy it forever, as it is? Repair and then immediately flip? Many possibilities.

    If you intend to keep and restore, yet don't already love THIS particular car, this process could quickly sour you. 308s are wonderful, iconic cars, and a true TC is hard to find. But there are many other 308s out there on the market that are fully serviced and ready to get in and go. If you have the budgetary means, the ability to do some of the work yourself, and tons of patience, restoring one can be very rewarding. If you do proceed with restoration to original condition, you may want to get it Classiche Certified by Ferrari, while you're at it.

    Good luck!

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