Sold 2019 used Mercedes-Benz SL450 5K Miles w/optional ABC Active Body Control Suspension WOW SAVE $$,$$$

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    Hello F-Chat friends. Welcome to my listing. Thank you for reading.



    Treat yourself this spring to a beautiful roadster!

    Vehicle Specifications

    2019 Mercedes-Benz SL450 Roadster
    5,706 miles
    MSRP was $108,680
    Asking $94,995
    Reduced: Asking $90,995

    Designo Diamond White Metallic Exterior
    Ginger Beige / Espresso Brown Nappa Leather Interior

    SAVE over $13K or more off MSRP!
    See attached MSRP sheet.
    Wow over $13K off MSRP. That is a deal unobtainable on a new car. This excellent used vehicle has just 5,706 miles!
    No accidents, no paint work, no curb rash on wheels, no stories!


    Thanks for looking! I look forward to speaking with you if you are interested in this used car! Please take a few minutes and read ahead for some important information.

    About me

    1. I am a private seller selling a used non-F-car which I own.
    2. I am a highly experienced, careful, and meticulous owner and collector of cars of all kinds and a proud former F-car collector for 14 years.
    2. The car is located in the State of Florida in Martin County in the city of Stuart.
    3. I am very easy to reach, and I will be happy to speak to anyone who expresses serious interest in this car.
    4. I am an experienced and honest Seller; and I will make this process easy for the Buyer.
    5. I am not a distressed seller. This car will sell at an attractive price at market value -- this is not a fire sale.

    Vehicle Details

    Original owner
    Ordered new by me and taken delivery new by me from Mercedes-Benz dealer
    No accidents. No paint work. No Stories. Clean CarFax.
    All original materials with car included. All books in their case, paperwork, original window sticker, both keys, tools, etc. Nothing is missing.

    Vehicle notes:
    Vehicle is in excellent condition. It was driven and handled only by me. I do not allow others to handle my vehicles.
    Very gently used vehicle delivered new to me just a few months ago. Mostly highway miles. This car is a cream puff.
    No identifiable defects exterior or interior are present.
    No curb rash on any wheels.
    No scratches on the vehicle.
    Under front bumper pristine. Not even a scratch. It is virgin under there as everywhere else. Very careful and meticulous owner.
    Loaded vehicle. See attached MSRP sheet. This vehicle has the options you want.
    Complete assortment of original books, both keys, window sticker, and all other original materials are present and will accompany the sale.

    Vehicle Comments
    This is a beautiful example in a wonderful color combination. The Designo Bamboo Wood Trim inside is just gorgeous. The car oozes class.

    Here's what makes this car unique. It is equipped with optional Active Body Control from the factory.

    Active Body Control with Curve function is an amazing option. It makes the ride quality and handling characteristics superb. I have been a car collector for many years and I can honestly say that few, if any, cars have better road manners than this car. The car rides like a dream on the highway. Ride quality is outstanding, and it soaks up road imperfections effortlessly. Change the driving mode to Sport Plus and it morphs into a very sporty car. Switch it into comfort, and the effect is like riding on a cloud.

    When in Curve mode, the car will actually lean gently into turns, such as a motorcycle does up to 2.65 degrees. This makes a noticeable difference for handling and comfort.

    The enthusiast driver wants Active Body Control. The problem is most SLs do not have it. The reason is most people and dealers are too frugal to order the option. ABC is not a gimmick: it is the most advanced suspension system in the world. Don't like body roll? Well this car has zero body roll, thanks to ABC. It is an amazing technology.

    Considering an SL550? Think the V8 is necessarily the preferred choice? I did not know until I drove the V6 Biturbo that the V6 SL is much more fun than the V8 SL. It's lighter, it handles better, and it sounds better. No joke! The V8 in the SL550 is muted. The V6 Biturbo has a terrific exhaust note - it growls and sounds very sporty. Throw it in Comfort mode and the exhaust is quieter. Put it in Sport PLUS, and the standard AMG Sports Exhaust System really shines. Perhaps most importantly, the weight savings on the front end make a significant difference in the handling.

    Very quick car with 362 bhp and 369 ft-lbs. of torque. Quick off the line, and fast on the highway. The state of the art 9-speed transmission is extremely smooth and responsive. The engine is surprisingly efficient.
    The features in the Driver Assistance Package are very cool. The car will just about drive itself on the highway if you want it to do so. Beyond that, with the package you've got the latest in safety features and safety technology.

    Having a full time seat massage while driving isn't a bad way to cruise. It's a neat feature if you like it.

    The Magic Sky Control glass top is very cool. The touch of a button changes the natural lighting characteristics. It's magic.

    The soft-close doors are a neat feature. Nobody has been allowed to slam the doors on this car. A gentle contact with the latch prompts the car to pull the door shut.

    Car was broken in carefully, properly, and by me alone. It was babied during the break-in and driven very responsibly during its young life.

    Full synthetic oil change completed at the dealer after break-in.

    Lower the top, turn on the neck scarf, and enjoy a luxurious drive in the utmost style and class!

    Why Am I selling?

    This car turns out to be an extra car for me. I love the car and have nothing negative to say about it. But it's an extra car, and space is not unlimited. So I am just moving on. My loss is your gain. This is a great deal. Save $Thousands. No games, no gimmicks.

    When contacting me, please:

    Make me feel comfortable -- please tell me your name. Please tell me your location. Please say a few words. There's excessive spam out there and people who aren't serious. My name is David. I've announced quite a bit of information about myself. You know my name and location, so please tell me yours.


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    I will tell all of you that the active body control is an incredible feature. I had it on my CL55 and it was huge! You corner like you are on the rails. Essentially it counters body lean. My CL55 handled almost as well as my 612 in corners.

    Good luck David.
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    Price reduction!

    Asking $90,995.

    This is a great deal for somebody.

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