2019 Sebring Event

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by BartonWorkman, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Barton Workman
    Predictably, plans are already changing.

    The WEC race will now be called the "1,500 Miles of Sebring”. Which, if all
    goes according to plan would take 12 Hours.

    Look for further modifications as the event approaches as if there is a WEC in
    2019, my bet still is that it will be the standard 6 Hour format they do currently.

    PS: Post-Irma, Sebring International Raceway was described as “Operational” and
    unscathed, save for a few blown over billboards, but most of Highlands County was
    without electricity until this past weekend leaving doubts about upcoming scheduled
    events as a State of Emergency was still in effect.

    Penske tested their new DPi Acura there on Monday and there is a ChumpCar race
    happening this weekend so everything is on with the State of Emergency lifted.

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    Still such a bizarre idea. If they really want to have both race at the same event, have the WEC race the day before or the day after. Starting a race at midnight is idiotic at a track that is very dark.

    How many drivers compete in IMSA and WEC?

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