For Sale 2017 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

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    I am contemplating selling my 2017 QV

    Vesuvio Grey Metallic
    Black interior with red stitching
    Dark Tecnico wheels with red calipers
    All options but CCB and CF seats
    20,xxx miles.

    Sticker was $79,xxx. I purchased the car new from Alfa Romeo of Tacoma. The owner had bought it for himself, but I convinced him to sell it to me. At the time I was looking, it was the only car I could find in the US with this combination of options.

    Modifications, all which can be easily turned back to stock, which I will do if requested.

    Lowered on ST springs, dropped the ride by about 1”
    5mm wheel spacers
    Centerline X-pipe
    Forza exhaust by-pass controller
    Euro+Drive Pedal Pro
    PPF track pack
    Tinted Cloverleaf emblems (the bright white stands out too much IMO)
    Tinted windows

    The first scheduled service has been done at Alfa Romeo of Marin County. The car has been flawless with no issues whatsoever. No accidents, dings or imperfections, minus a small rash under the front splitter (not visible unless you crawl under the cars. And very minor rash on one wheel. I store the car in a heated garage and it’s only seen rain a few times. It’s not my daily driver. No track time, and no abuse. I am a car enthusiast and passionately take care of all my cars.

    I am not in a rush to sell, and for some reason I am fixated on a Fisker Karma and need to make some space. Car is located in Northern California. Price is $63,000.

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