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    Ferrari New Power Program

    Here are the details as of Jan 2016:

    ## WHAT ##

    New Power - Ferrari extended coverage for up to the vehicle’s 12th year.

    The main Targets of this new program are:
    1. Simplify coverage vs age of the car
    2. New Power replaces Power Normal and PowerTrain
    3. Offer coverage options on Ferrari's up to 12 years old

    ## COVERAGE ##

    Covered Items:

    Engine: engine crankcase and all internal components, cylinder head(s) and valvetrain, oil
    radiator(s), head gasket(s), oil sump and oil pump, variable valve timing adjusters,
    solenoid valves. (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded).

    Ignition/Injection: Oxygen sensors, secondary air system (secondary air pump and valves
    only), ionising ECU.

    F1/Mechanical gearbox: gearbox casing and differential housing(s), including all internal
    components, F1 Power Unit: electric pump, valves; actuator, ECU, selected and engaged
    gear sensor (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded).

    DCT gearbox: gearbox including all internal components and ECU (oil seals and oil leaks
    are excluded).

    Power Transmission Unit: ECU, clutch (rubber boots excluded), PTU: including all
    internal components (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded).

    Suspension and steering: complete steering box, suspension arm joints power steering
    pump (excluding drive belts), suspension arm joints, toe-in tie-rod, ECU for controls on
    steering wheel (oil seals and oil leaks are excluded).

    Cooling system: water pump, fans (leaks are excluded).

    Air conditioning/heating: AC system control devices, AC compressor and AC system ECU.

    Electrical system: alternator, starter motor, ignition coil, engine ECU, gearbox ECU,
    crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, power window motors.

    Fuel and induction system: injectors, throttle bodies, air flow sensor, intake manifold,
    pressure regulator, temperature sensors, fuel pipes, fuel pumps.

    Brake system: hydraulic brake pump, brake pressure regulator and servo.

    Bodywork: RHT roof function (wear, bodywork and paint defects, seals and water
    infiltration are excluded).


    Here are the MAIN Requirements of the New Power program:

    1.The vehicle mileage must not exceed 56,000 mi (90,000 km)

    2.The vehicle must not have been involved in a serious accident, been tampered with, been
    stolen or taken part in competition or races.

    3.The vehicle must not have been used for any commercial purpose, such as long or short
    term rental by a car rental company.

    4.To subscribe to the New Power program the client has to contact any Authorized Ferrari

    5.The activation of the service must be approved by Ferrari SpA through its authorized dealer
    Ferrari SpA reserves the right to verify with the authorized dealer that the vehicle meets all
    the technical standards, and has the right to reject the request.

    6. The vehicle must be inspected by an Authorized Ferrari Dealer to certify compliance with
    the quality requisites specified by Ferrari and verify the traceability of its service history:
    services, routine and special maintenance.

    7. The vehicle must be inspected and subject to the checks that you can find in the specific
    checklist for each model.

    Ferrari reserves the right to refuse coverage on any vehicle.

    ## DEALERSHIP Requirements ##

    Requirements for Authorized Ferrari Dealers , the following documents must be attached to the request:

    1.New Power Vehicle Checklist

    2.Compression Test Results*

    3.Copy of the Signed Page of the Warranty Booklet

    4.Repair Order for the Inspection ( Additional charge for this inspection, first time only )

    5.Scan In / Scan Out

    6.Service History

    7.Warranty Book Indicating Services Performed

    8.Battery Check Sheet

    9.Ownership History

    * Compression test is not required if:
    - The vehicle is less than 5 years old and has less than 31,068 miles (50,000 km)
    - There are no problems with the engine

    ## COST ##

    V8 $4500 12 month coverage
    V12 $5760 12 month coverage


    There are two kinds of "Special Incentives" that have been created which can be combined together:

    Incentive for year on year for the New Power renewal
    8 cylinder vehicles = $375.00
    12 cylinder vehicles = $570.00

    Additional Incentive for no repairs during the past year**
    8 cylinder vehicles = $375.00
    12 cylinder vehicles = $570.00

    ** No repairs during the past year means that during the last coverage period no repair
    operations were requested under the program.

    I am more than happy to help with any questions or purchase of this program, but know that you will need to visit your local Ferrari Dealership in order to get the initial inspection performed. I can help with renewals as well.

    You may reach me via PM on Ferrari Chat, e-mail:, or contacting me directly at 972-447-5200


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