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    I want to thank everyone for another fantastic season of racing. Having started in 2009 with preliminary races we have finished hosting our 44th Ferrari Challenge race, our fifth year and our third full championship season!

    CCR Congratulates our 2013 Champions!

    2013 Champions:
    F430 Joseph Rubbo.
    F360 Peter Castellana Jr. (2X 360 Champion)
    F355 Greg Griffin

    I am particularly proud of the fact that these Ferrari Champions each raced hard race after race, each faced tough competition within class and between classes in fields up to 30 cars, and not one of them had a single incident of car to car contact. They embody the spirit of our gentlemen driver series and I cannot be more proud of them. Thank you guys and thank you to all of the CCR drivers. The driver membership is over 100 Ferrari Challenge owners and next year we have fantastic things planned.

    Here is also a look back at our Past Winners:

    2012 Champions
    F430 Alfred Ciaola
    F360 Ken Marlin
    F355 Rob Cohen

    2011 Champions
    F430 Jerome Bocuse
    F360 Peter Castellana Jr.
    F355 Onofrio Triarsi Jr.
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    John - many thanks to you and Franco for overcoming the challenges to make this a reality - we all appreciate you and I agree GREAT things in store for the series. Blessing

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    I look forward to participating in next years series! Do us over 50 guys get a head start?
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    Congrats to Joe, Peter, and Greg!

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