2000 Italjet Dragster 180 scooter

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so mods please feel free to move or delete.

    This is the Ferrari of scooters.

    OK, well, perhaps that doesn't exist. But it's close. This is an Italjet Dragster 180cc that has been heavily modified. You won't find another like it. I will go into great detail below, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for a fast, interesting and beautiful scooter, this is it.

    I have been traveling abroad for the past few months, and it's been sitting in a garage unused. I have a friend starting it once a week to keep the fluids moving. But I just can't justify having something so beautiful go unused.

    The photos are from a year ago, and don't reflect the new top end. It also recently received a full detail. I can have a friend snap some new photos if you are truly interested. Bike has only traveled 50 miles in the past year since photos were taken

    Looking for $6,500 or nearest offer. Would also consider a trade for a nice Rolex. Heck, maybe an interesting trade for another car/bike. Throw me some offers, let's have some fun.

    2000 Italjet Dragster 180 ‘superleggera’

    This build started out as a stock 2000 Dragster 180. I purchased it from the original owner in Washington, who had been using it as a pit bike. I’ve always loved the Dragster, and wanted to make it into something even more unique. If you aren’t familiar with the Dragster, it was designed by Miguel Galluzzi (of Ducati Monster fame) with hub-center steering designed by Elf. It is a liquid cooled 180cc 2-stroke. Only a handful made it to the states through the grey market.

    The following is a list of modifications, but as it’s been 3 years in the making I’m sure I am forgetting something (or a lot of things). It is the fastest, lightest, most fun to ride scooter I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Clear Texas title and Texas inspection good through 2015.


    Full Carbon Fiber bodywork
    -Front fairing
    -Rear fairings
    -Front Fender
    -Transmission cooling scoop
    -Flywheel Cover
    -Pillion seat cover
    -Radiator Grill
    -Expansion tank cover
    -Legshield Panel
    -Front Brake Scoop (currently not installed)
    -Nut Cover
    Frame modified to remove floorboard brackets
    All plastic fairings removed
    Battery relocated to under seat
    Smoke indicator lenses
    Custom made aluminum belly pan
    Custom made bars and steering assembly
    Custom Tail Tidy
    Custom front headlight bracket
    PM Tuning Footpegs
    Oury grips
    Electronic speedo
    Custom seat (Alcantara)
    -Steering assembly
    -Gas cap


    Paioli Corsa adjustable shocks (front and rear)
    Brembo Radial Master Cylinders and levers (from a Ducati 900/SS)
    Heidenau K61 tires with 500 miles on them


    PM Tuning 172cc Stage 2 kit (not pictured, just installed 100 miles ago)
    PM Tuning X-Tech full exhaust ceramic coated (Carbon can) with PM59 TSAB
    Boost Bottle Chamber
    Dellorto 30mm Carb
    Carbon Fiber Reed Valves
    Malossi Clutch springs
    PM Tuning pro-street clutch bell
    PM Tuning pro-street variators
    Transmission case polished
    All seals and bearings replaced
    Electronics re-wired and re-routed, all connections cleaned
    Oil injection disconnected (changed to pre-mix) but can be re-connected easily
    Silicone Hoses

    The Bad

    -A few of the carbon tabs (internal) were bent/torn during installation. Doesn't affect structural integrity, just has a few screws missing where there aught to be screws. Easy fix from competent fabricator.

    -With the new top end, it's got very high compression. So if you let it sit even 2 days, you likely won't get it to start with electric start (though it will easily start on 2-3 kicks). Easy fix with battery tender.

    -Speedo works intermittently. This is likely to me just not programming it correctly. Was going to replace with a GPS unit, just never got around to it.

    -Key for rear fairing is broken. Still have both of the key-bits. Since it's on premix now, I haven't had to access the oil tank under it so I haven't bothered to get a new key made. Will send both key-bits with the bike :)

    Between the stock bike and modifications, I have about $15k into this bike (and all receipts).

    As I said, I’m sure I’m forgetting something. With all of the modifications, it’s pushing 36hp at the rear wheel. I’ve had it up to about 120mph (indicated), and it had a bit of room left. I’ve also taken it on 400+ mile trips, and it’s been super reliable.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Bike is currently located in Philadelphia. Photos can be found here (I can't figure out how to post them here): Italjet 5-10-14 Photos by Gle8 | Photobucket . I can also take additional photos upon request.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Kie Robertson
    Yah for sure only a handful entered the country as a "grey" import. But the truth is that Italjet had an official USA importer in the late 90's/early 00's, a BMW motorcycle dealer in NYC. They brought in more than a few of these Drag 180's and also the Formula 125 which was a 2 cylinder 125cc 2-stroke. These 2 models came with an MSO that said "off-road use only". It wasn't very difficult to title them with a plate.

    Why do I know this otherwise pointless trivia? I was fhe sales department at Ducati Seattle back then. We were an Italjet dealer. One day Gary Payton aka "The Glove" rolled in with his posse. He bought I think 8 total scooters that day and several of them were the bad boy D-180 and F-125.

    If this bike came out of WA State it may have previous celebrity ownership lol.

    120 mph???? Are you INSANE?????
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    Kiesan, thanks for the info!

    I was of the understanding that the 50cc and 125cc were imported for a time, but not the 180cc. Good to have more solid info on the bike (and it's numbers). I know I looked for a 180 for about 3 years before finding one stateside. Have yet to find a F-125 in the states, though if I did I'd likely swoop it up immediately. Those things are super cool.

    I hit 120 on it once. Once. heh. It was a bit scary on an 11" front tire, but I had to see if it would do it.
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    I remember a bunch of coin-operated kiddie rides that used italjet mini-bikes.

    Been a long while since I've seen on.

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    I a big scooter guy, with a number of Vespas and Lambrettas that have run through the garage.

    That is indeed a very rare, very cool scoot.

    Best of luck with the sale!
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    love it! ever drove a 50cc tuned to full race 70cc specs...what a machine... can only imagine how this beauty drives... GLWS!
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    Bumping this up as I will be back in the states next week for a short time and would love to clear out the garage while I'm there. Reasonable offers considered. Will also include a spare set of carbon rear fairings, as well as the original orange bodywork.
  8. Gle8

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    Bumping this one last time before I pay to have it shipped at the end of the month. I'd obviously rather sell it than pay for shipping and then sell it, so I'm open to reasonable offers. Thanks!
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    Bumping this as I've seen quite a few bikes listed over the last few days.

    Bike currently resides in Denver, CO and has current CO registration and inspection. A few changes since I last listed it:

    -Purchased a new rear carbon fairing, but will need to be installed (new tabs). I can have this completed prior to purchase.

    -Now jetted for the Denver altitude.

    -Full tuneup/refresh October 2015

    -Brand new lithium ion battery, which has solved the cold start issue.

    -Left grip has a hole in the end (not sure why I overlooked listing this before)

    This would make a great pit bike, or something fun to scoot around on this summer. I can assure you no one else at bike night will have one (or likely know what it is!).

    Thanks for looking.
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    Figured I'd bump this one more time.

    Bike is still in Denver, and hasn't been ridden since my last post. The following has been addressed:

    -Rear carbon fairing/cowl replaced, lock replaced (ignition key now works on rear cowl).
    -Fresh Tune

    Bike is ready to ride. Would like to sell/trade before registration renewal at the end of August.

    Open to reasonable cash offers or trades. Try me!

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    If you haven't already, register and post this at You'll get a decent number of hits there, for sure. Not too many Dragsters for sale on the used market (ever!), and certainly none for sale with this list of mods.

    GLWS! If I didn't already have a small-displacement scooter (Vespa 946), I'd be all over this. The next bike I'll add to my stable will be a Triumph or Ducati.
  12. Gle8

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    Price drop to 6k obo. Would like to see this find a new home.
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    This is what I want, I like my scooters. On nice days I drive my Ferrari or scooter to work. I have casually looked for a Dragster for a while, but with the Canadian exchange and shipping, my wife would just kill me if I got this and another bike entered the garage.

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    How much i live in brooklyn

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