For Sale 1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi

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    1980 Ferrari 308 GTBi

    VIN: ZFFAA01A2A0032427
    Engine: *00289* F106B 040
    Transmission: 6620 F106AL 5-speed
    Exterior: Red
    Interior: Black Leather
    Mileage: 55456

    Here we have the very iconic Ferrari 308 GTBi. This example is finished in red over black and is in outstanding mechanical order. The car recently received a major service and had been prepped and prepared to enjoy. Included are years of maintenance records as well as all of the books, tools, jack, etc. It is ready to be driven and enjoyed!

    The exterior is very well represented in its classic Rosso Corsa red. The car was originally Black with red. The exact date of the the color change is unknown but the paints is holding up beautifully. The body is very straight and free of and troubled rust areas. All of the rubber components are in excellent condition and undamaged by the sun. Glass and lights components are all great and free of cracks. The car was cared for and the exterior was well maintained by previous owners. Although not concours condition for today’s standards, it is a very beautiful car that will be well received at several shows or driving events.

    Inside the car we find a recently restored interior. With fresh leather on the seats, door panels and center console, the drive is very comfortable. Many trim components have been restored and the carpet is all new as well. Once again, the impression that the car was cared for is very much evident.

    The car just received a major service including belts, tensioners, valve cover gaskets, fluids, and filters. It is a very mechanically sound 308 with smooth power from the engine. The car starts up with ease and idles great. There is no smoke or hesitation from the fuel injection. The car holds temperature fine even after driving on a hot summer day. Transmission shifts up and down with ease and the clutch feels great. The brakes were recently bled and flushed. They operate well and there are no proportioning issues. There are like new tires around the car including the spare. As mentioned earlier, the car has the full tool kit and the jack as well. These are fun cars to drive, especially as a coupe. The extra rigidity of the fixed top create a very well handling car.

    Overall, this 308 GTBi is ready to be taken to shows, driven, and ultimately enjoyed! The early fuel injected GTBs are very rare in comparison to the rest of the 308 market. Only 494 GTBis were produced between 1980-1981. Ferrari then started production of the Quattrovalvole 308s. It can not be stressed enough, what pleasure these are to drive. This car is a great investment that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Lots of money has been spent to get the car where it is today so the next owner doesn’t have to. Please see all of the photos below.

    Asking $59,000

    PM or email me with questions at

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    Looking at cars now,,,, especially 308 gtb
    Some nice examples for sale now,,,,, but, ,,,.$45 k is lowest.
    For a 1982 that needs everything....

    Seems that 308 gt4 1975 or older are also on the market now,,,,, again $ 45 k lowest.

    THIS car is exceptional. All maintenance done.... etc.
    For not much more.

    So,,,,,,, why are 308 prices dropping?

    Oh, and Miles,
    ( aaaaaaa, your taillights are switched.....??)
    Be , vewy vewy quite,,,,, and switch em back.

    Nice car,
    Che Bella!

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