120 miles in a 2017 Cayman S

Discussion in 'Porsche' started by 67bmer, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. 67bmer

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    Oct 28, 2015
    Yesterday I had the pleasure of driving a 2017 718 Cayman S 120 miles along I-95.


    Like many (most) people on this forum, I started watching Formula-1 Monaco Grand Prix on ABC wide world of sports. I became enamored of the “red” cars and started reading books on their history. Same as many may have become enamored of the Porsches in endurance racing. Owning a Ferrari was always a dream, often becomes a quest, and for some quenches a thirst. In January 2016 that dream-quest became real with the purchase of a higher mileage 360 gated manual perhaps in need of a little TLC.

    I have been driving most of the Porsches at Amelia Island test drives for the past 15 years. I have also driven many AMGs, Alpina BMWs, Aston Martins, Bentleys, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Spykers, SRTs, and anything else they would let me. I fondly remember crossing the bridge at a 120-mph shifting from 2nd to 3rd in the first Panamera with PDK. The salesman said “2nd-3rd at 120mpr! Not too bad eh”? I have driven many Cayennes at Amelia and always thought that if I “ever” wanted an SUV, it would be a Cayenne. I eventually purchased a used 2006 Porsche Cayenne S Titanium Edition in 2013 with 84,000 miles. My father loved it from his first ride.

    In December 2018 dad was dithering between a Maserati Levante and a Porsche Macan. He purchased a new 2018 Macan with the PDK. He liked it so much that he also wanted a Cayman with PDK. Dad fell in love with Porsche and PDK!

    He found a beautiful 2017 718 Cayman S in silver with black/red leather interior with many features and only 4400miles.

    Mom, Dad, and I rode up in the Macan to pick up the Cayman and I drove it back. The Macan (6.1s 0-60) is so quiet, has a great ride and feels like it outperforms the Cayanne S-TE (6.2s 0-60) even though they are very similar. What is not similar is the Macan gets >21 mpg and my Cayenne averages about 14.5-15mpg driving it as grandma would. I was looking for a car with four doors, heated front and rear seats, could haul something, tow something, and was automatic. Cayenne!

    This was my first time driving a Cayman. They are really awesome cars! I can appreciate the PDK. I have never driven an F1 Ferrari, but I can help but think that PDK is what they had in mind back in 1995 when they introduced the F1. I cannot say if they achieved it or not, but the PDK is looking to be both reliable and performance advantage. It certainly evoked memories of old Volkswagens when it started up – being a 4-cylinder. However, a 350hp Variable-Turbine-Geometry 4-banger is NOT to be dismissed. It is very much like driving a 360. Yes, there are 15 years between a 718 Cayman S and a 360 Modena.
    Brakes – awesome.
    Acceleration – similar to 360.
    PDK – seamless, wonderful. My mom drives the Macan PDK.
    It has road noise like a 360.
    It handles like a 360.
    Sound – NOT like a 360.

    It is somewhat amazing Porsche builds them. Of the 5,000 cars/month Porsche sells, about 200 are Caymans. You might wonder why it’s worth their effort. What comes with that is an automotive empire with amazing engine management, reliability, and modern conveniences amortized over many thousands of vehicles. The scale is something Ferrari cannot compete with.

    A Cayman really could be driven every day, 10,000 miles/year

    A 360 does NOT have Apple car play (there were no iPhones then) with navigation, podcasts, music, Bluetooth, etc.

    Caymans are different cars than 360 Modenas but are without question to be respected and if you ever get the chance to drive one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

    I am NOT in any way trying to discourage anyone from pursuing their dream of owning a Ferrari or what I consider to be one of Ferrari’s greatest – most beautiful modern road cars, the 360 Modena. I don’t even know if they are compared to one another. However, I fell in love with this Cayman yesterday. Nevertheless, my gated manual is NOT for sale. Although there may come a day when it’s parked next to a Cayman S.

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  2. dreichman

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    Sep 9, 2011
    Denver, CO
    Interesting write up. I also had a 360 Modena gated car. When I drove a Cayman the first time I also compared it to my 360. Interestingly I thought the Cayman handled better. Way less drama than the Ferrari but to me better performance. Glad to know somebody else out there compared the two cars and came to similar conclusions.
  3. I'm 360 Canuck

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Ontario, The Real One in Canada
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    Mine does.

    The paltry (in Ferrari terms) $800 I spent to get it, was money well spent, IMO, as I really appreciate modern creature comforts.
    The alpine ILX-f309 is an awesome solution, albeit, a tad large esthetically for the tastes of some.

    But, a cayman is a great car in value and practicality. I looked at them before getting my 360. Nothing special about the interior though. No regrets....the 911 turbo would have been the better choice for me anyway, due to the additional seats.
    I think Doug demuro did a 360 vs cayman video, fyi.
  4. brookliner7

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    May 5, 2018
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    I agree, the Caymans are great cars...

    However, if value and practicality were what I was looking for, I never would have entertained the idea of getting an older used Ferrari.
  5. I'm 360 Canuck

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    Nov 21, 2015
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    Same choice I made.
    I always remember something Jeremy clarkson said “if you want a perfect car, Audi. If you want a car with soul, buy an Italian car”. I assume any German car will substitute for an Audi. But coincidentally, my DD is an Audi, and my recreational car, is a Ferrari.
    As great as a cayman or 911 is, it just isn’t the event/occasion/drama that I want with my summer weekend car and I don’t need it to be a daily driver. Been there, done that with the Mustang, Corvette, Stealth, etc cars I previously owned. It loses its thrill really fast that way.
    But I get how a younger person with less garage space, need for a slightly more daily drive able at times (I still occasionally play hockey, so owning a 2 seater daily driver wouldn’t work, I’d still need another vehicle, so it wouldn’t be a daily driver for me) would go in that direction.
  6. RANDY6005

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    Jan 9, 2017
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    What was he point of this post ? I do not get it ! comparing apples to oranges is my thoughts.
  7. Countachqv

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Yes you cannot compare a cayman and a macam.
    I will take the post as a Cayman drive feedback. I have to say after now having my 2014 S with all GTS options (do not know why the 1st guy just did not buy the GTS?) I drive the car daily. I wanted th 6 cyl version. The PDK is indeed awsome.From what I see, the Cayman above needs a sport exhasut to really come alive. I got sport and sport plus and the factory sport exhaust and it is lovely.
    The cayman is one of the most undiscovered sports car with light budget. Undestructible too. I just got a service on my Vanquish for $4600. Nothing wrong with it. Just the 2 years service and a few bits. the cayman is $800. i am surprised not to see more on the road. It is really a daily drive car that can wake up at any moment
    PS: in 2 weeks I will do a 1200 miles trip with the cayman
  8. Andial

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    Jun 19, 2016
    The YouTube channel SeenThroughGlass hosted by Sam had a Porsche 718 Cayman S and now has a Ferrari 360 Modena with the manual transmission. The reason why the 718 Boxster/Cayman aren't selling that well is due to the NVH, engine and segment.
  9. Carnut

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    I have 2 718 Cayman's 1 PDK S, stock (girlfriends summer ride), and my 2018 base car with manual. My car is turned, down pipe, exhaust, suspension redone, short shift kit, and a bunch of other stuff. I had 3 360's would take my blue Cayman over any 360 model every time.
  10. brookliner7

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    May 5, 2018
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    Nvh and segmemt?
  11. thehick

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    Apr 18, 2006
    My wife has a 981 Boxster. I have to say that it is an amazing little car. Doesn't have a ton of power, but it makes up for it with the overall balance and handling. It feels solid, like the older tank-like German cars. She's had it for 5 years now, and it hasn't had one issue, or glitch. It's been the most reliable car we've ever owned.
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  12. Tcar

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    What does 'segment' mean?
  13. donv

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    I love my 981 Cayman S. If I could only own one car (okay, two-- have to have a winter driver), that would be it. I wouldn't even consider an automatic in a Porsche sports car, though. Mine has three pedals- as it should.
  14. Andial

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    Jun 19, 2016
    Relatively inexpensive sports cars aren't selling that well in general, not limited to the 718.

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