Z06 walks away from Lambo

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by RacerX_GTO, Jul 25, 2013.

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    And a 12k Hayabusa would kill them both. The point of this video is?
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    I have seen a Z06 near stock beat a 1000CC bike before so even if it was modified it's not a shocker. If it's stock chances are this was a very early Murcielago Roadster.
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    No square root needed, just tq x RPM/5252.

    I think you mean at the expense of low end torque. You need good high RPM torque to make high HP! The 458 is a great example, having a relatively flat torque curve all the way to 9000 rpm, where a Z06 or ZR1 can't make much torque over 5500 rpm. But..they have more area under the curve, which is the key.

    458 redlines at 9000, 2013 Shelby at 7000. But thanks to 1.3 extra liters of displacement and a big fat TVS blower on top, it makes more rear wheel HP than the Ferrari does at the flywheel!

    Having said that, the 458 will smoke the heavy, undertired, manual trans Shelby all day long, despite the Shelby making close to 600 rwhp.

    Either your FGT is modded or the Z06 driver wasn't very good. My Z06 went 11.6 at 125 mph bone stock....within a couple ticks of a stock Ford GT (who leaves their GT stock though??), and far, far faster than a 360/430, or a a "base Porsche." LOL

    Yet the Z06/Zr1s of the world have no problems keeping up or out running most of the exotics with superior cruising fuel economy, lower operating costs, and generally better reliability.

    I would say that the Corvette proved it could hang with the exotics in the corners 30 years ago when the C4 debuted. So much so, that it started its own racing series (Corvette Challenge) when it became painfully obvious the Porsche 944s and Ferrari 328/348 didn't stand a chance. The ZR-1 Vette outran everything in 1990, and was fantastic in the twisties as well.

    The C5/C6 Vettes, Ford GT, and Viper backed up the swagger started by the Corvette in the mid 80s, and yes, the new ZR1 is a world class beast on any type of track.

    But only the Ford GT can come close to matching those intangibles that make the car feel truly special....IMO....
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    +100. I think the mark of a true car guy is the ability to tip your hat in acknowledgement of achievement, even if its not by your marque of choice. Say what you will about american cars, but we managed to build a world class sports car using transverse leaf springs and a pushrod V8 that still manages to get 26 MPG on the highway....oh, and its relatively inexpensive and bulletproof too.

    You got to love it!!!!!

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    Great post. I am not a vette fan, I like European cars better or did. The new vettes are great sport cars and you said it perfectly. I loved my 2009 ZR1. It is a much better car to drive than my 458. I find it amazing they do this with old technology and when you drive it you cannot tell.



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