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Discussion in 'Mondial' started by soucorp, May 25, 2012.

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    I listed this car on ebay. The person you spoke with, Bill, is a non stop hustler but his integrity is intact. He lives on the phone, I mostly on the web. Neither one of us has laid hands on this car. The owner is actually pretty well known and he supplied the photos. If I wasn't already tripping over my own cars I'd snatch this up. I was assured this is a no issues car, and I trust the owner without reserve. The last major dealt with a variety of service items, not just the typical belt routine. I can supply scans if desired.This listing is most likely a fishing expedition but the car is real and it can be bought for reasonable money. We do want to let this auction run it's course though as it is difficult to read the market. That last Cab on BAT garnered about 44k I think. It was nice but not THIS nice, or Fly Yellow. Owner believes this may be the only US spec yellow 93. Is that data available? BIN only if wildly motivated, and as this car is very special, maybe a good consideration.
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    BaT works well for these cars IMO, because the commentary reassures and propels interest. The Mondial is still misunderstood. People are seeing them and liking them, but aren’t sure they are making the right choice in buying one until they get validation from multiple parties. These cars are like a well kept secret and people don’t want what they don’t know.
    While I only have experience in driving a T variant, I will say they are awesome the drive. The handling, sound, smell, and overall performance is sublime. The have the soul that so many great cars lack. It’s hard to experience second hand, so I suggest anyone that’s considering buying one to test drive one. With BaT you can read what other people think about them and you can watch a video of how they sound and drive.

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    Mondials really are understated. We try to seize every opportunity to buy one with lower miles, even if it needs a little TLC. That car in yellow looks fantastic. They're a ton of fun. Looks like the car is in Cleveland. I've heard there is a solid independent Ferrari mechanic out in that region who could do a PPI for an interested party if the seller is open to that. That said, haven't come across too many "catastrophic" issues on these cars. Great find!
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    Not really trying to hijack the thread but....

    Mr. Hart (Robert Wagner) pranged that Dino in one of the episodes. It's been a long time, but I think Mrs. Hart ran him off the road, and he hit an embankment.

    I'm sure that at the time, a Dino wasn't a very valuable car. However, watching it now, I tend to wince!

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    Hmmm. Pulled before the end of the auction. Did it sell or were the seller(s) concerned that the ebay final price would set a mark in the sand on it's value that was lower than they had hoped? The last bid that I saw on it was roughly $42K...

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    Car is sold.

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