yellow light warning in a mondial T

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by tr4eric, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Hello everybody!!!

    I'm new in this chat as new is my mondial T from 1990 ('s new for me!!!). I've just bought it and I have a yellow sign in displays that I don't know what is. This light has a car drawed inside with two small arrows down the wheels of the car. When I start my mondial there's general checking...the light it's on and then go out...verything ok untilnow but some seconds later when the car is on neutral the light comes again. I don't know what is. Anybody can help me? know what it means? can run with car without problem or have to go fast to service? Any help or information is going to be wellcome!!!

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    That's a suspension warning light.

    You either have a shock actuator that is faulty, or a suspension control unit, or someone has turned the key on 3 times without moving the car (that will throw the light as the car is looking for signals from the wheel speed sensors).

    You can drive with no undue effects as the suspension system goes into a general default mode until you get the issue resolved sometime in the future.
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    That light is a bummer. Ours turned out to be the computer...$1200.00!!! You might try cycling the suspension switch while driving. Also a battery reset might help clear a stored fault. If you open the front hood there is a black knob next to the battery, turn it one click to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Then start the car without touching the gas pedal (you should never touch the gas pedal while starting) and let it sit for at least 10 minutes for the engine computers to relearn the sensor values. If that doesn't work you can remove the red caps from the shocks and check for damage. It is not important how you put them back because on start-up they run full travel in both directions to find their center. The rear caps are visible in the engine bay but the fronts are under plastic covers under the front hood. You can also have a helper start the car and listen for each shock to operate at start-up. If this all checks out, the computer is suspect. It is a black box located behind a panel in the passenger forward foot-well and it might be worth cleaning the connector plug. There is also an accelerometer (smaller black box) mounted forward of the radiator.

    Also in addition to not turning the key to run more than three times without starting, the manual states that you should not leave the key in the run position for more than 30sec. with the engine off to avoid computer damage.

    Good luck, and enjoy your t.

    Edit: This info should be taken with a grain of salt, it is just what I learned three years ago dealing with our light.

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    I had one bad actuator. the little gears inside went loose, and the 'cap" was loose allowing the guts to come apart. All looked good from the outside. I tood an automotive stehoscope and listened to each actuator, and you could hear the motor turn inside, but it sounded "different" then the others.

    It was a front actuator, under the plastic shroud, so I swapped it for a rear one, so I could get to it after I put it back together.

    Lasted for awhile, but intermittently came loose again.

    When I sold the car, the new owner found a CORVETTE ACTUATOR (blue) which matched perfectly...and he hit the nonconforming colored actuator under the front plastic shroud.


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