Would you replace valve springs at 66K?

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by itswhatido, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Heads will be coming off just after Thanksgiving on my 83 QV with 66,000 miles. If it were you, would you replace the valve springs? If yes, where would I find them for the best price?
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    The repair manual says, "Valve springs should be replaced at each overhauling."

    So, is that when overhauling the whole engine, or does it include when doing just the heads as well?

    Do you have access to a valve spring tester? I wonder if you can reuse the ones that are within limits. Hopefully an experienced pro will chime in...

    Using this reference/price point, the parts and pieces can add up quickly.

    Engine Cylinder Head Parts for Ferrari Mondial - Superformance
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    As long as they are in spec I wouldn't change them until 100,000 miles.
    They should last beyond even that.
    Do I have proof or data? Well no but my Aston, Lamborghini and Lotus have done 120,000 miles before I changed them out. I think the Ferrari engine is better than the Aston for sure and similar to the Lambo.
    If you have cash to burn change them.....But, but how do you know they are as good as the originals 30 years later...ha ha a minefield you see.
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    Plan on making some modifications to the engine at 100,000 mile complete overhaul. Convinced I need to own one of these Valve Spring Compressor tools. Off to explore that tool. Anyone who has one to part with, please PM me.

    Still getting into the total Ferrari experience. Can't wait for the driving portion. The swirling sound near my wallet seems more routine now. My 34 Oldsmobile with the hemi engine keeps giving me dirty looks...

    While I am hunting for head tools, also will be searching for a Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor in case anyone has a spare?

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