Why doesn't Ferrari have TV commercials?

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    They have tons of YouTube ads. I guess they are targeting a more specific audience
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    Or was it the other way around:: "the shape of things to come" was the last of Triumph cars.
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    While they are never aired on network TV, the Ferrari YouTube channel has a lot of 'commercials'

    Every online automotive publication usually links to those videos on every car announcement

    Why spend, when you get free publicity anyway.
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    They have TV advertisements that broadcast all over the world. However, we don't call them advertisements, that's crass. They're more commonly known as Formula 1 races (or "victories" in a good year). ;)

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  7. Midnight Oil

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    I doubt there is any causation/correlation between F1 wins and increased sales of their street cars. Ferrari's best years in sales actually appear to be during their worse F1 seasons as of late. And I doubt the crappy F1 seasons boosted sales either ;) so likely no connection and/or relation at all IMO.
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    Hands down the very best commercial made.... you cant argue with the man himself.

    Behind the scenes it cost Goodyear a 10 year sponsorship contract from 1985 to 1996. plus millions in support & tires.
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    The F1 races keep the name out there.
    And Ferrari is still the oldest name in F1.

    The market is shifting.
    There was a time when Ferraris (and Italian cars in general) attracted buyers who wanted a car that "not every schmoe can drive" -- a car that was a bit of a challenge.
    (Thus, the backlash against paddle shifters. ;))

    But the market is changing. Ferrari now is a brand image.
    Ferrari is still viewed as the "pinnacle".
    How many things have been called "the Ferrari of xxxx"?
    (Thus all the prancing horse appearances on laptops, briefcases, shoes, etc. :p)

    I'm not sure we've ever had a poll on what would be "the Ferrari of Ferraris". :D
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    99.9% of the viewers would NOT be potential customers hence a total waste of money
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    I've seen recent commercials for Shell fuel that feature Ferrari racing very prominently in the commercial. It looks like the 2 organizations split the cost of the commercial.
    I think the value of advertising for Ferrari is more important to selling its stock than it is for selling its cars.
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    Ferrari is an advertising company..that's all they do. They are not the second most recognizable name in the world for being quiet.
  13. Camlet1

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    Interesting the benchmark is TV ads. Very traditional. As a previous post points out, Ferrari is a marketing machine, and one of the very best out there. Just because they don't use TV ads doesn't mean they avoid advertising. Far from it, they are masters at it.

    Advertising is a key element of Marketing, but there are other elements. Especially today as digital, data and CRM (customer names to you and me) are able to be fused. Regarding TV ads, they in turn are a key part of the advertising opportunities out there, but far from being as dominant as it was.

    Ferrari is marketing all the time, and in a very hard-nosed professional manner. Their CRM data is literally priceless. Ferrari for example gave 7 years free servicing to keep customers locked in, and in doing so have access to huge amounts of car/driver behaviour. Nothing is left to chance. At Goodwood FOS, for example, I understand the dealers were banned from posting pictures on social media, Ferrari wisely wanted total control of every message.
  14. Zaius

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    People who watch TV regularly tend to be poor. That was the entire premise behind the TV in the first place.
  15. Zaius

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    If you need to market something it means it is illiquid and therefore useless. Reputation doesn't need to be shilled.
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    Surely that would be the Ferrari LaFerrari? ;)
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