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Discussion in 'SF90 Stradale' started by RichardCH, Aug 1, 2019.

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    The issue here is that there is no rule defining dry weight. On motorbikes dry weight sometimes definitely does not include the battery (which is ridiculous) but for a hybrid car (relying on batteries for a significant part of its power) that would certainly be outrageous.
    Anyway only real world independent testing will tell the real weight of the SF90 Stradale, and it will certainly be much more than 1570 kg - to which extent remains to be seen.
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    No need to go to great lengths to calculate the dry weight, they quote it explicitly. :D

    Given that the quoted dry weight for the Pista is 1280, it is safe to assume that the batteries are included in the Stradale's 1570 figure.
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    The Pista dry weight is 1001kg but that’s in Italy. Other countries have the +1600kg version.
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    I had my Pista flown to the US. The weight was listed as 1393 kg. That was not dry. From what I understand from the service people who did my PDI/setup, it included fluids (but not gas). I also had the lifter, JBL as well as leather (I can't stand Alcantara and it is my car that I plan to keep before I get any comments:). I did not get the carbon wheels. I am not sure if there was some type of containing system / protection. I don't know the totals for all of these for the Pista. But my guess is that if you add them up they could come pretty close to Ferraris 1280 kg statement, which I believe is the car in the lightest configuration you can get it in. My 1393kg weight came from the independent shippers manifest. Their price was based on the car's weight. Does anyone have a quick guesstimation of the fluids? The JBL hifi? Lifter? Leather? Could this add up to the 113kg difference between Ferrari's 1280kg for the Pista and my shippers manifest of 1393kg?

    So relating this over to the SF90, perhaps there is a configuration that is as lightweight as possible to get to 1570. I don't know. Just throwing it out there.
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    Given that they quote a kerb weight of 1385 (with all lightweight options), that's bang on the money.
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    I think your estimation is accurate. If you add the extras from the quoted dry weight:

    Lightest quoted dry weight = 1280 kg

    Coolant (19.7 litres) = 20kg (fluids from 488 owners manual)
    Engine + gear +diff oil (14 litres) = 13 kg
    Washer (5 litres) = 5 kg
    PAS fluid (1.8 litres) = 2kg
    Clutch fluid + DCT (7.5 litres) = 7 kg

    Non-carbon wheels = 10 kg
    Lifter = 30 kg (see post
    JBL sound system = 30 kg (various discussion here suggest a range around 30kg)
    Leather vs alcantera = ??

    That puts it at 1397kg (1280 + 47 kg of fluids + 70 kg of options) which is close to your 1393kg.

    Kerb weight being close to gzachary's number has no relevance. That is simply follwing the standard EU kerb weight definition (excl payload) of car with fluids and 90% fuel:

    Lightest quoted dry weight = 1280 kg
    Fluids ex fuel = 47 kg
    90% fuel (91 litres tank) = 69 kg (at gas 0.76kg/litre)

    Total = 1396kg

    So that's just a coincidence that the fuel weight of 69kg happens to weigh the same as the 70kg of gzachary's options.
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    No, you ll have a good surprise in the next time if you re an enthusiast, much better than this !
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    3,740 lbs is my kerb weight expectation for normal US spec.
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    4157 in US. Super light!

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