Trip to Italy 2016 - pictures

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    Thanks for taking the time and sharing your experience and photos.


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    I have posted this before a while ago .The law in Italy is that in order to own any car in Italy you must own livable property. I had a 328 GTB for four years in Italy.Driving a Ferrari in Italy is not to be missed if the opportunity ever comes. I have a son in law who lives outside of NYC who has an Italian cousin living in Rome.This man agreed to help me find a Ferrari and agreed to own and register and insure it in his name. All I had to do was pay for the car and the insurance.He had extra storage space to keep the car when I was not using it. He of course could have driven the car any time I wasn't there but at well over 6 feet tall, could not fit behind the wheel and had no interest in the car. The odometer reading never changed while I wasn't there but, what the heck, there are reasonable risks to almost everything.All I did was drive the Ferrari with a letter signed by the "owner" in Italian stating I was borrowing his car.I know this all sounds beyond the possible but but I can testify that it can be done.If the possibility comes up, give me a shout.There is lots more I can tell someone. tonga's crew

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