The Kobe Bryant crash

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    I'm willing to give any pilot the benefit of the doubt, until there is a completed comprehensive investigation. Even if it was you.
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    Your statement directly contradicts your posts. All you have posted is speculation and dubious theories about this accident which are out of sync with experienced pilot views yet now you feel you need to wait "until there is a completed comprehensive investigation" to accept the obvious.

    If that last statement is true.....then hopefully the wacky theories stop until the NTSB issues it's final report in 18 months.
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    Rob Lay
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    Jim Pernikoff
    Probably in the belief that Kobe forced the flight to go on in spite of bad weather. But like you say, how can he prove it?
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    Mark Jones
    They are quoting what every lawyer would include in every response to a lawsuit.

    not a big deal

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