The C8 and future Ferrari sales?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Nachtfalter, Jul 21, 2019.

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    well that’s one thing, but they are lacking in most of the rest, and as a result won’t be a threat to Ferrari or porche.

    the new Vette if it sells 30k units per year will be the most successful sports at on the global market, but vettes have occupied this space for years.

    the real success for the Vette will be if it attracts younger buyers. Because otherwise the future of the Vette will be that of harle.

    from what I see of the c8 so far it’s a large car and a heavy Ian one designed to acomodate aging boomer lard assets to the country club with two sets of clubs in the trunk.

    it will sell well as vettes tend to do, it will put down great paper numbers as vettes do, but will it have the rest, so far that is questionable.

    what we see so far is a two door gt with lots of tire grip and power that’s designed to be comfy at 70 in the highway and deal with traffic. To compare with Ferrari it needs a whole lot more, some iterations may have the rest but the gm track record is not good
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    Seen it in person the other day I was not impressed

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