The Art of Racing in the Rain

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    I will have to admit that I may be a bit biased as a Ferrari owner and SCCA racer here in the great PNW. My wife and I both read and enjoyed the book by local author Garth Stein when it came out and waited VERY patiently for the movie to FINALLY come out. (10 years!) We just saw it this afternoon and both thoroughly enjoyed it! In this day and age of CG comic book movies, it was very refreshing to finally see a movie that was a well told story. And about racing too boot! We enjoyed seeing the local tracks we race on and the character Don Kitch is our local track's driving school owner and motorsport promoter. I would recommend this movie to any of you guys looking for a good Date Night movie. ;)
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    Dog movie? Tearjerker? I think I'm out!
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