the 512bbi still gets looks too ;)

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by ross, Oct 3, 2019.

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    LOL- the AC working.... Mine only worked well if ambient temp 70 or less.
    But with my rebuild/resto I am converting to a larger displacement YORK compressor- to keep the stock appearance.
    And yes, not the vehicle one wishes to drive in traffic. It does respond well to more aggressive driving on an open road. Then the lack of power assist shows its merit. (a guys car)....
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    showed the BBi at the Ferrari Festival last weekend, and then kept it with me for the week. managed to drive around quite a bit - this is the best part of the year in Houston. it was so much fun to drive this car- i had forgotten how visceral and raw it is, but how alive it feels. and all of the work done over the years is still good and the car is very strong, such a beast ! and now that the turn signal has been repaired and the big balloon tires are on, it feels great driving around - now i just run away from all the big trucks !
    most people dont know what they are looking at , but occasionally somebody does know and they are surprised to see it.
    i bet i am the only person driving a 512bbi around houston on a regular basis in about 30 years.
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    I took the BBi on a nice drive w my son to a small grocery shop. When I was returning to the car, there were two guys from the store looking at it and asked if I could wait while they could got their friends. This repeated until I had a sizeable audience. My son asked me - "Who's left working in the store?" :)
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