Stolen car...please help

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Matt LaMotte, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Just curious... has anyone ever posted on F-chat from the Slammer?
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    where do you think I am posting from?
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    You couldn't pay me to be a cop. I would get so pissed off sorting through everyones BS. What a waste of time.
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    I wouldnt know. What I do know is that I was told yesterday that the case against me has been dismissed. For those of you who didn't rush to judge me and offered some helpful advice...thanks. People like you are the cornerstone of whatever is good about america's justice system. The rest of you who rushed to to judgement and kept looking for me to be guilty of something really need to work on that knee jerk "Jerry Springer Showist" perspective on life. You guys represent the worst of America.
  6. Korr

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    I don't think many people here thought you were guilty.

    Just stupid.
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    Billy Ng
    Okay, I just stumbled on this thread and I've got to say F-Chat people are some of the most sinister in the forum world. I've just lost like 2 hours of my life reading this thread and some of you guys are both brutal and absolutely mindless.

    Why is Ra stupid Korr? He happens to be married to someone involved in an auto theft case and he loosely fits the description of the culprit. After meeting his accuser, his accuser instantly realizes that Ra is NOT the bad guy. OP/accuser then comes on F-Chat and publicly apologizes to Ra and admits to everyone here on F-Chat that Ra is NOT the guy in question.

    All of a sudden everyone comes out of the woodwork demanding Ra begin an investigation. He's been told he needs to question his wife, talk to the police, and post to F-Chat from jail where he belongs with the rest of the scum of the earth. The only thing this guy did wrong was be married to someone for 22 years who MIGHT be involved in an auto-theft. Why should he be responsible for questioning his wife? Where are the police? Why haven't they already taken the wife's ledger?

    Let's look at this from Ra's point of view. Leads a respectable life, has a large family ... finds himself on Crime-Stoppers TV one day for what reason he has no idea. Cops blunder the entire thing and it takes apparently days if not weeks to figure out that he is NOT who the OP thought he was. His daughter finds this thread on F-Chat (embarrassing in its own right) and after he comes here to clear his name, NO ONE gives him benefit of the doubt. Reading through this thread over the past 2 hours I've had to cringe at some of the accusations and wording in some of these posts to both the OP and Ra.

    Some of you people are truly vicious. Sounds like the real "Blunder" tag should be stapled to the police department for what they've done and not done so far.
  8. JM4re

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    F-chat viscious?

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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    Angus Podgorney
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    Initially many here were helpful. The longer the thread went, the more BS flags went off. Do you really think PD's, DA's, attorneys work as described here?
    Please. How old is this thread? How idiotic is it to sell a car this way?
    Sinister? Brutal? Mindless? GMAGD break. Whole thing stinks, and why would some moron come post here about it?
    BS, poseurs, and morons all meet with ugly ends on every board. The fact this idiotic thread has run for what, nearly a year?
    You find it today, and you're the arbiter?
    I only look in for the compounded idiocy, figured there would be some new twist of BS. Found your comments instead. Not even aimed at me, but I know a lot of guys in here well, Korr included, and they don't hammer people that don't beg for it.
    You want merciless (and hysterical), check out .
    Some guys from a Vette board came looking for a BS meister. This is more of same, and many of the people who tried to be helpful early on have had it.

    OP has not posted since #288, 7/28/09. Last on FC 8/20/09.
    Insurance whatever posts 7/27/09, day before OP leaves.
    IP of insurance boy matches another troll from board.

    So get off your judgemental high horse, pull your head out, and see what is really happening in this thread.
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    Spring Cleaning time

    Anyone want to update this dreck?
  11. dmaxx3500

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    Jul 19, 2008
    ya,matt,ins guy and his wife,all went to fed prison for stupidy,,i can't beleive i read all 27 pages of this crap
  12. WJGESQ

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    Dec 30, 2004
    (1) Insist on filing a police report and reporting the car as stolen.

    (2) File formal claim with insurance company

    (3) Contact a lawyer to handle dispute with insurance company.

    (4) Make sure lawyer has knowledge of "civil theft" statutes.

    (5) The car has to be registered somewhere. Certainly, a PI could locate the vehicle as the registration would be a matter of public record.

    How did you convey the title if there was still a lien?
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    Did you read any of the other posts in this 27 page train wreck ?

    Also why do y ou think the car has to be registered somewhere?? If some would be willing to steal acar this way do you really think they would have a second thought about stealing plates for the car ?
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    Any chance "James" is from Dallas and likes 348's?
  16. sparta49

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    I was just thinking about this thread
  17. Vantage007

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    Anyone have cliffs notes on this one?
  18. DrStranglove

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    I had forgotten about this one! WOW I bailed after reading 3 or 4 pages when this first happened but I had a bit of time to kill on SUPER SUNDAY so I read all 28. We really get some whoppers around here.

    Matt is still active here I think. WTF happened with this? Did anyone go to jail? Was the car recovered? Did you end up paying it off and now have the title to a car that doesn't exist? Are RA and his wife still married? Does he get to visit her in prison? Does she do Notary work for the Warden like Andy Dufrein did in Shawshank?

    So many unanswered questions.
  20. JDZNate

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    Damn, I was just thinking about this post the other day, wondering what were the results.

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