slightly unbelievable but true story. need advice

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by beauphus, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. flash32

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    I think Albert can help above

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  3. CliffordK

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    Feb 6, 2021
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    Clifford K
    I think that is an excellent solution!!! I'd have been interested for the right price, but it will be a unique heirloom. And, if you wish to tinker some, a unique family project.

    Did you say what city the car is in?

    Personally, I'd have a multi-prong approach.

    First of all, start looking at shipping companies. Many of the "shipping companies" you find on the internet are actually "brokers" for better or worse. I.E. They may not own any ships, but only do contracts. But, some of the larger companies may have ships.

    There are two types of shipping RORO (Roll on/Roll off) generally like running cars, but at least would require 4 tires on the ground.

    Containers. Car gets strapped into a 20 foot container and off it goes. 8' wide on outside, It'll be a tight fit, but it should fit. Do the mirrors fold? Remove? Some containers have doors on both ends which would be handy for tying it down. You can add as much other stuff in the container that will fit if you want. Vintage Vespas and Moto Guzzis are popular!!! Spare parts?

    Once you've found the shipping company, work with the storage facility to get the car delivered to the port, and if loaded in a container, get someone who has shipped cars before (or do it yourself).

    Presumably you can get the shipping container dropped off and picked up at the shipping company. It might be easier than working with the port directly.

    On the US side, once you have determined the port of entry, talk to the US Customs office, and try to find an appraiser local to the port. Talk to the appraiser, show them photos, and impress on them that it is a car that hasn't run for 30 years, and is missing parts.

    Due to the inheritance issue, a new "cost basis", and an old car, verify customs will take an appraisal for the import duties (as well as any local state sales taxes, and inheritance taxes if it applies).

    No idea if Italy will have any issues, but hopefully they'll just let it go. Always EE.
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  4. turbo-joe

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    Apr 6, 2008
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    romano schwabel
    when I imported ars from the US ( los angeles ) to germany between 1983 and 1990 the first car I sent roll on-roll off to bremerhafen and from there with a car transporter to my hom ein south-west germany. never did this again, a lot of parts missing and damaged doors and fenders.
    the second time I rented a 40 ft container and put in 3 cars. in LA harbo togetehr with the export-customes I closed the container and put a lock on. this container then came from LA to rotterdam and form there with s smal container ship on the rhein river nearly to my home ( about 4 km away ), tehre I opened the container with the german customs and all has been so as I put it in in LA.
    the next containers I rented always 2 high cube 40 ft containers, built a ramp inside and so could put 6 cars ( fiat 124 sipder ) in 1 container, so 12 all together in transport. also could fill a lot of other stuff into the cars without paying more for the freight. I organized all by myself in LA and when I have been back in germany also with the transport from rotterdam to weil/rhein. each container has been around 5.000,- US $ from LA to weil/rhein. there I unloaded the container ( had only time 12 hours, otherwise had to pay more rent ) and was driving then the most cars with my garage license plate to my home.
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  5. ross

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    pls talk to those people i emailed with you on copy.
    i think they can help you export it efficiently
  6. Mr.Chairman

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    Mar 21, 2008
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    I have a left tail lamp grille (driver side) to sell. These grilles are hard to find but I got one.

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  8. Testerosse

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    Nov 3, 2017
    Italy or Germany
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    Ciao Ragazzi,

    maybe my recent experience with the EE plates is of some help.
    I did export a much younger car that run in Italy with EE plates and registered it without any problems and fees (in Germany). No sales tax paid, ever.

    As said by others before, the EE plates (escursioni esteri) are a temporary registration of a vehicle in Italy. They are either for foreigners that have a residence in Italy and need to temporarily register a vehicle (initially 12 months, to be extended if needed), or for Italians that live abroad and need a temporary registration in Italy. This is usually done to either avoid sales tax and/or the relatively high registration fees that apply to a regular Italian registration.

    This said, it is a registration. There are registration papers issued and when exporting the vehicle, it usually is treated as a used vehicle with prior registration. Meaning, importing to the US, only import charges (according to the age of the vehicle, please check that) need to be paid if the registration papers are present. Importing to EU countries, it’s actually free of any charge.
    Nobody should ask if the initial sales tax was paid, since the vehicle is considered used. (Except in Italy, a direct reregistration there from EE plates to regular plates will normally trigger the agency to ask for proof of sales tax payment)

    In your case the car could register in the EU, other than Italy, with the lowest cost.

    For the transport of my ‘89 Testarossa US to EU in a closed container with total loss insurance I paid about 4000 USD, 5 years ago. All port charges incisive, no land transportation.

    You may want to get an official paper stating the current value of your car, in order to avoid having the import agency over estimate the value.

    Also, getting some work done in (Northern) Italy could save you a fortune.

    Hope you find some of my experience helpful. Contact me if you have any questions.
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  9. mexicruiser

    mexicruiser Karting
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    Aug 28, 2012
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    Jon Brinckmann
    Brokers yes, be VERY careful and try to hire someone recommended by someone here. I had my own miserable experience when I shipped my MRoadster to Spain, the broker promised to take care of everything including registration and when the car arrived In port I was completely on my own, I even had to do all the paperwork because they didn’t have anyone “On location”. After months of paperwork I couldn’t register the car for multiple reasons and had to send it back paying import tax to get it into the country of origin.

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