Shipping from Hawaii.... could be PITA ... looking for suggestions

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    May be purchasing new-to-me F-car in Honolulu. Need to ship from Hawaii to Seattle. Spoke with both Matson and Pasha, who seem to be the main options, and was not impressed with either. Spoke with representative at Matson who represents their "Crated" division, and he basically said it is a PITA....

    --Have to come pick up the crate with a 3rd party company you find yourself
    --Take crate to your car (can't do it at the port or on their property)
    -- Securing car in the crate your responsibility
    -- You have to arrange a truck to have the crate loaded onto for delivery to port
    -- At destination port, you have to again have the crate picked up by a 3rd party (you cannot open crate at the port). Offload crate from truck....etc...etc....

    The crating adds about $5-6,000. The rep said the crates can jostle around in rough seas, so he actually recommends general auto transport on deck.

    This option is called an "Auto frame" (pictured below). The cars ride on the deck exposed to the elements. ($1100)

    Then for an additional $600-700 you can choose premium service, where they notify you in advance of an approximate docking date for delivery.

    Again, not impressed. There has to be a better way....

    Experiences or recommendations appreciated

    So here is the actual ship, the auto frame, and a nightmare....(their insurance and they said yours, won't cover acts of God, i.e. rough seas)
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    You got the big run around by those guys.....the exact reason that you want to have your stuff hidden away in a shipping container IMO. The numbers they are quoting you make air cargo look like a deal. Which was 3-5K the last time I heard a number. The containers have hold down rings spaced out on the bottom edges for securing the four corners. The wheels and axles get attached there 4X. That is if the car is small enough to fit inside, the only movement is the suspension bounce.

    You may wish to reach out to f-chatter wbc. He has experience with this sort of thing IIRC. The folks at JN auto (the Ferrari dealer) may also be helpful. It might cost you a little but worth it. Also look into DHX. I had them ship me a crated motorcycle last year and it was easy and affordable. Maybe they do cars too?

    Posting in the Hawaii section will get you some more specific answers too. Aloha
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    Hey Kevin, would rust/corrosion be a consideration on HI car?
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    Nothing like a little protectionism to dampen your mood! I work in shipping and the Jones Act is an embarrassment and stifles economic trade in this country.

    I'd call a freight forwarder or two and see if the can give you an all-in rate to include everything and save you the headache. Otherwise air might be the way to go.

    Edit: also just seeing that you're in Seattle, it might be easier to ship it to Vancouver and bring it over the border. Not sure if you'd have to clear customs in Canada or if you could just ship in bond (I'm not a customs guy) but certainly an avenue to explore
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    Try Westwood Shipping, just had a 550 shipped from Japan to Canada through them, professional, just about door to will have to retain an off loader in bring the container to an off site warehouse for you to pick up car.
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    Not for an aluminum car! Seriously the folks over here with means have temp/humidity controlled garages so depending on the car..... The other thing is that since there is no where to drive we have low mile examples of a lot of stuff. There are dryer parts of the islands too, some parts are dripping miserable and some are like the Southern California Coast!
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    I'm a hardened veteran of this, and have experienced some significant damage to some nice cars (not Ferraris). The worst was a '59 XK 150S Jaguar which was actually dropped 25ft by the crane while offloading from a general cargo ship in Honolulu. (This before Ro-Ro)

    And Ro-Ro (Roll-On-Roll-Off) is the way to go, and its the method most cars are shipped today, so the recommendation to check with the dealer is golden. I wouldn't try to ship inter-modal (containerized) as these tend to get banged around. Find out from the dealer who they use. And if the Ferrari dealer won't help, try the luxury car dealers, e.g. BMW, Merc etc.

    Just for fun, here is a ghoulish video of cars being destroyed by incompetent Russian seaman. Makes me wonder why I spent my entire adult life worrying about the Soviets at sea!

    Cheers, Andy
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    John E. Kenney
    They were sailing parallel to the swells. WTF?

    HI cars rock. My 1994 348 Spider was in great shape after 20 years, crazy art paint job, and then respray back to factory Rosso Corsa. That is until some air head 19 year old chic crossed the centerline, probably texting, and hit me on May 9th. I am still sore and every chore I do or set up at work makes my chest hurt (broken heart) from the seatbelt bruising but maybe a cracked sternum. EMTs, and NP a week later said I was OK and just tender, but dayum. HI cars that are stored indoors, then shipped to Vegas and stored indoors again for 7 years end up in great shape.

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