Sad Trend: YouTube Pilots Reported to the FAA

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    You (might) be surprised just how many pilots who know what they're doing, and do a lot of it, are never seen or heard from on the internet for this very reason.

    There's a vast wealth of knowledge that stays "under the radar".
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    I would not put anything on YouTube that involves regulations and agencies. So car building, home remodeling, anything with airplanes is something to avoid. I'm sure enough people would be out there alerting authorities if the car is breaking noise regulations, possible emissions with ECU changes/engine swaps, home possibly not to code, etc, etc. Not worth the hassle.
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    There has emerged, in parallel with the broader societal "cancel culture" a trend of scalp-hunting on all of social media. It's become a blood sport. It's an ugly side of human psychology but some people just live to take down perceived authorities. Someone has said, 'the human brain is not sufficiently evolved to cope with twitter.' There may be truth to that...
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    Who cares...stupid people doing stupid things and showing them off to other stupid people who go after and make a big stink about what they's all good...stupid poeple generally deserve each other.
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    Yeah, and as my son says, "You can't fix stupid."
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