Pricing trends on 512 TR and 512 M

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by bimmerbill, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Please let us know if the deal falls thru. I know a few people that may be interested.
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    Mister M
    Did I just see a black 93TR sell for 80k at Mecum Glendale?? Tan seats , bling wheels
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    Any input on European VS Japan VS USA cars (LHD) to purchase a 512TR
    Not so much the differences in the models which I've been able to find on but Im asking about purchasing a car.
    obviously history, recent services etc matter anywhere, but what else? What to avoid, expect, what suggestions?
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    K RA
    From everything I've seen, the Japanese examples seem to be in far worst condition compared to the US models, with disrepair and limited history. There are services that will purchase them for clients at auctions but its a complete crap shoot. Although they can be bought at sig. discounts, you'll likely put more money into them than they're worth. Then when it comes time to sell , in the US market at least they will likely languish or appraise much lower.
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    Thanks, I hadnt taken into account the resale factor. Makes sense.

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