Polesitter Scott Dixon ROBBED last night at Taco Bell

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by TeamF1Jr, May 22, 2017.

  1. lorenzobandini

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    'Won't touch that one. I'll offend somebody.

    (As in why? I'd still take their money... Oooopppsss. I touched it after all... :p)
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    Add a six pack of Little King's Ale's and you have a bag of cramps to go !!!! :D

    Want some 5 Star 5 way chilli to go with it???
  3. lorenzobandini

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    'Ain't nothin'!!! ;)
    'Don't know if you remember or know of the sad '73 500 (losin' Art Pollard, Swede Savage, and a team member; Salt Walthers' burns) and, in a different light, how 'bout the race de-celebration?...(excerpted from , a sad, but good, read):

    "The traditional victory banquet was canceled. Johncock left the track quickly. He went
    to the hospital with Patrick to visit Savage. Afterward, Patrick and Johncock held the
    most muted of victory banquets. They shared hamburgers at the Burger Chef
    restaurant on West 16th Street, just east of the track.

    "Those were the days my friends. We thought they'd never end..."

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    I remember that race quite well. It was awful.

    Speaking of Franchitti, which we were, I saw his ex's latest FB rant on the news. Man, he was lucky to get out of that with his balls, much less his life. That is one ****ed up *****. She does look good after being soaked by a Hoosier Memorial Day shower, though....:D
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