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    I guess not: "plastic weld" works well with ABS, but these rubbers are fuel proof, so they are so to say immune to most solvents.You could try to "prep" the rubber with MEK though.

    See my previous comment: for a "nice" patch, Shoegoe (or UHU-por) is probably the best bet. The most durable glue would be an hypalon adhesive: that's basically neoprene gel with an activator (similar to MEK) that is used to fix professional (rubber based) inflatable boats. They are a few issues with this glue: it is brownish, does not last more than a few days once opened, must cure under strict temperature and hydrometry, toxic, and quite costly ($30) . If you go to a shipyard supply store, you can buy such glue together with "patches". Any Zodiac specialist could probably do the job for you, which would end-up cheaper than buying the glue on your own.
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    I said "something like" plastic weld, a product that would work on rubber.
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    Black Silicone RTV is possible. When cured it is flexible and it resists solvents (inside conveyor is air only). Color will match and it is cheap and easy to use. MHO
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