PARIS auctions 2/20 RM/Bonhams/Artcurial

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Nembo1777, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. LVP488

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    Jan 21, 2017
    Results of the Artcurial sale are online; the mentioned sale prices include the buyer's fee (I was at the auction and it's clear the prices mentioned in the results are not the hammer prices, but rather the all-inclusive prices).
    There are several no sales (for cars with reserve, I guess it just means the final auction price was below reserve - but there are also several cars with no reserve that were not sold; while IIRC a few might have had no bid at all, some were apparently auctioned so I'm not sure how it worked).
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  3. dwhite

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    Artcurial Auction - Would anyone know what the high bid was on lot 136 - 1968 Lamborghini 400GT Espada. Car looked gorgeous in photos. Always wanted one but waited way too long.

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