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    I must admit I forgot that aspect however in March 'lobbyists for the auto industry wrote to Ms von der Leyen asking the commission to show leniency on carmakers who need to meet tougher CO2 standards this year by “adjusting” timelines for compliance'

    I'm sure a few extra months R&D on LB plus milking F8 production would not go amiss

    Whether they get a delay is a whole other question....
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    This is the planning in the request of quotation that suppliers are receiving right now

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    Anthony Tonokaboni
    Can’t wait to see what Little Brother true 458/488 Replacement looks like.

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    I imagine a smaller version of sf90. Looks like all future Ferrari’s are retaining same design language. I just hope it doesn’t have the shark nose of sf90.
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    And the horrendous postal box rear...I mean you cant even get bigger Amazon packages through there!
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    sf90 and 458/488/f8 have same platform and same sizes. Replacement car usually bigger than predecessor, not smaller.
    So LB will be same or bigger, then sf90.
    And that’s why design cannot be the same with sf90.
    F8, and sf90 use same language, but very different. And Roma, newest car, very different from sf90 and f8, too.

    PS I don’t like shark nose too
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    The SF90 stradale as far as I know do not have the same platform of 458/488/f8, and I don't see a single reason to put a "small" v6 hybrid rwd in a car bigger than a sf90 (that is a v8 hybrid awd) that is the top of the line.
  8. SoCal to az

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    agree. Zero chance the V6 "little brother" will be larger than the v8 "big brother". Ive seen the SF90 in person- its a big car. Cant imagine the v6 hybrid being bigger.
  9. F2003-GA

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    By the time we see the new LB it would have been 13 years ago since the 458 launch
    I'm hoping for significant design and tech changes especially in infotainment
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    SF90 is the new platform. Personally, I don’t think the two look anything alike.

    Obviously, you don’t have to like how it looks, that part is subjective. But I can’t comprehend how there’s still people out there who claim “SF90 looks just like the F8.”

    The SF90 looks like a damn spaceship compared to the F8. There’s hardly a single shared line between the two. Other than having 4 wheels, a mid-engine layout and an air intake above the rear wheels, they couldn’t be more different.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the difference between the SF90 to F8 is far greater than the Aventador to the Huracan. At least that’s what my eyes tell me and I haven’t even seen the SF90 in person yet. By all accounts I’ve heard, the SF90 is even more stunning in person than in photograph.

    I’m anticipating a smaller, more resolved/less complex version of the SF90 for the LB. I’m very excited to see what they’ve come up with.

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  11. buddyg

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    I agree they look nothing alike and the F8 looks way better. Too many weird things on the SF90 like the whiskers on the front and the tiny quad rectangular tail lights.
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    Dont count on it based on the spy shots if they are accurate.
  13. F2003-GA

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    Spy shots a 488 mule They hardly ever use the actual car until after launch
  14. Ferrari 308 GTB

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    Lets be honest it will be similar to the C8, with a lil bit of Bentley thrown in too.;)
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    I'd say a ton of weight, some Bentley, some suv ride hight for good measure and not much on the sound.;) So long as it has Ferrari badge on it and some shiny paint it should sell like hot cakes.
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    Video by: Varryx
    Large air intakes.
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  18. 9nb

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    Unfortunately still the mule body, can’t wait to see the production spec since some have said that the Ferrari team responsible for LB is very excited about it.
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    That sounds more 6 than 8 To me.
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    Mass Appeal
    Because that is what it is supposed to be, a hybridized TT V6, aka Little Brother.
  21. [gTr]

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    Given how clearly differentiated the various product lines are as far as design is concerned I am guessing the LB will have a feature or two carried over from the SF90S but it will be a different looking car. It's also a different platform which makes it easier to differentiate the shape and design.
  22. babgh

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    I like how the new v6 sound compared to the underwhelming sound of the v8 in the sf90
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    Randall J Slovis
    I think the SF90 exterior is definitely derivative.
    The front lip of the spoiler is 488 inspired. The same seam is readily apparent in side view to me.
    The scallop in the door bottom is right off the Portofino and Roma.
    The design/angle in the area in front of the rear wheel where it meets the sill is 458 inspired.
    The center portion of the front spoiler is F8/Pista inspired.
    Not saying anything about subjectively looking good or bad. I am just saying my eyes see many cues from previous cars.
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    Not to mention the air vents are aka 488 GTB
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    The outbreak may be delayed!

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