new garage $2 1/4 million

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    I'm sorry to learn of your continuing problems. I gather you meant your new people estimate $900,000 to fix everything and that it involves undoing everything and starting fresh.

    It's a very tough pill to swallow but sometimes the only realistic thing to do is to cut your losses. Whether you want to start fresh depends on whether you have the money to do so in a COMFORTABLE MANNER and whether you have other priorities in your life.

    At the end of the day, there are costs to achieving anything in life. While other people may have their own views, you alone are the person to decide if the costs are worthwhile to you.

    Make sure you take time out for some R&R while you clean up this mess. ;)
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    Mitchell, I just discovered this thread. I am an Architect in So. Cal. Our firm works only on commercial projects. From what I can see, your project was much too ambitious for your budget from the beginning. The two story glass and steel structure is something that is normally used for multi million dollar retail, office etc buildings. What I don't understand is if the design you got was something you asked your architect to design along with your budget? Is it something he / she pushed you into? Architects are famous for enjoying spending other peoples money so that they can design "monuments". PM me if you like. I may be able to give you some advice.

    BTW not looking for more work. This is not a project that I would have even entertained from the beginning.
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    mitchell barnes
    Installing the 225' x10' driveway(one side). Budget and mostly city permit issue. This week and will run into next week. Seeding next door clay with short fescue. Will grow ok. Now design. All mine no budget. Opened end. I now find out I was double billed by the arch. So to court we go. 2-5 years.
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    mitchell barnes
    New driveway. Contractor did not pay the concrete company. Stiffed for $7,200. Now the important part. Garage will not be finished. All the steel30 tons will come down. $150,000 basement with tons of electronics and elevator will be filled in. Dream gone. Architect made so many mistakes that it cannot be built. My attorney met with his. He admitted to the multitude of mistakes. Now trying to settle. No court suite. I had enough. Court 2-5 years $250,000 legal fees. Told my guy to get what he can and be done
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    So sorry it came to this. I was rooting for you. Hopefully your attorney can minimize the financial damage and the architect has lots of error and omissions insurance.
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    Gagan P
    Wow, that sucks :(

    I'm guessing the architect's E&O is involved in the settlement talks for sure.

    Can't the electronics (and part of the elevator) be saved prior to filling? Sucks that you've had to go through all this just because of an unscrupulous architect.
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    mitchell barnes
    Cost. My lawyers, just to do what they call, 'discovery'. $50,000. The last meet with their lawyers, my cost just to start a settlement, $7,000. If I were the other side I would call my bluff and say, 'sue me'. As for all the electronics. Wiring $45,000. Elevator, $80,000. Safety controls for the elevator; $17,000. + more crap. Basement was designed to hold 8-9 cars. Elevator opening 19 1/2'. The architect knew that the elevator was 20'. He was involved with it and the elevator mfg. from the beginning. Cars would not come off unless I put skates on each wheel. The entire 50' width was 19 1/2'. Besides that little problem. They send a kid to the site and mark the column bases to support the first floor steel and concrete deck. Basement ceiling is 12', that they got right. The kid did not check his measurements. He did lengths but did not check diagonal. Walls not parallel. My contractor had me come look after the pour. He was so happy. He wanted to know if I wanted to check and make sure all was ok. I ask, did you. Yes was the answer. He lied. He did not want to get his boots muddy. Of course I did not find out just what a mess the site was until the steel started. Then all hell broke lose. To fix? ItThe steel company had to cut each beam to fit. An entire extra weeks work. Cranes, men etc. $25,000. Who paid. Me of course. Contractor had no money. Engineer design that sent the stupid kid would not help. At that point I fired the contractor. Sorry peice of ****. And hired the lawyers. There is a long list of f ups. Two pages just for the architect. For those that have not followed my health issues. Cancer of bone marrow. I had to leave Lexington after four years of dumb Dr's here and go to the James Center, Columbus Ohio. ten min into, after their Dr looked at the Lexington report he told me what I had, Lexington could not for four years. And what the treatment would be. I almost had the thing wipped BUT enter the Lexington Dr. He was lazy and did not look at my weekly blood work for three months. In that time the cancer figured out how to beat the Chemo. Cancer killed both kidneys. Cancer worse than two years ago when treatment started. At that point I went to Columbus and stayed for eight months one in the hospital seven a, 'assisted living'. Read, jail. At $10,000 a month. They would not take any insurance. Last week Dr found a spot on my pancreas. Tissue sample the 29th. I cannot get a break. Here I spent from 04'to 2015 and 1/2 million getting 35 cars to were they all start and no mechanical issues and will have to sell not only the cars but ever property I own to pay the med. bills. Enough for now
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    Sorry to hear this Mitchell, sounds like a nightmare. Hope they can get on top of the health issues.
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    Jason Miller
    Any word on Mitchell?
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    Hope he's doing okay.

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