Need some help on pads - Pagid doesn't know...

Discussion in '360/430' started by singletrack, May 9, 2014.

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    No gopro this time : ) Maybe next time. Might be back out on 6/7; depends if I get some out of town work wrapped up in time. Was up late doing prep work and did not want to screw around with the mounting, etc.
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    How do we get the FMSI #?
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    8091 front
    4096 rear

    Specify pad compound

    Performance Friction was one of the few companies that made pads for this app without brass rivets. But they are no longer available as far as I can figure out. It's not just the rivets that pose a risk to the rotors, but if you have extremely thin pads, the pistons are extended much further and subject to intense heat and possible seal failure. So I have been told.....
  4. bldscud

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    Thanks - did not realize those were called the FMSI #.
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    Okay, 8091s installed! Thanks to singletrack and others who figured out the correct model number to use on the scud. Thanks also to Vivid Racing for agreeing to refund my money for the 8083s after I installed them. I feel like the arrangement we worked out is fair.

    Took a pic of the 8083s after removing them. In addition to having a smaller pad material footprint, it appears that they do not have rivets like the 8091s. As you can see, the back plate is completely smooth except for where the brake pad material fills the four large holes near the center of the plate. I wonder if the rivets are added to the 8091s because greater mechanical fixation is needed for a race applications. If so, this is another reason to make sure to put the 8091s on your scud. Regardless, can't wait to give the 8091s a try on the track!
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    For those of you buying Pagid pads (picking up some RSC1's for my Scud in a few weeks), where are you buying them?

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