Need some help on an 812gts please

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    I'm concerned. I specced and put a deposit on a TM 812GTS a few months ago while I was at the dealership speccing my F8 spider. Algar had an 812 SF with the regular seats there, and I sat in it, expecting it to be cramped for my 6'5" frame, which it was. I wasn't terribly worried, as the F12 was cramped for me too with the regular seats, but with the CF racing seats, I fit just fine. Anyway, I drove all the way up to Algar (@1 hour 40 min each way) today to sit in an 812 with the CF racing seats that they currently have up there, and while I have acceptable leg room, my head hit the interior 'brace' which runs longitudinally across the roof. My salesman called a local gentleman who had a GTS to see if he'd be kind enough (which he was) to bring it up to the dealership for me to take a quick sit in to check the headroom with roof off. (I realize this likely sounds silly to those who haven't had to deal with it before, as in theory a GTS should have unlimited headroom, but depending on where the rear part of roof appeture opens, it could be possible that my head could hit some form of structural bracing). Anyway, the way Ferrari did the roof worked just fine for me (e.g. my head hit nothing with the roof drawn, which is how I'd drive it 99.99% of the time), but now I wasn't even close to having enough leg room (with the regular seats).

    Sooooooo.....anyone in the mid-Atlantic region have a GTS with the size (L) CF racing seats that they'd be willing to let me sit in briefly in order to see if I fit?- I don't need (or want) to drive it, and I'll wear sweatpants.


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