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    Also, European roads aren't filled with 5000lb+ SUVs and jacked up pickup trucks, with their driver more often than not texting their phone.

    My first car was a 2000lb Fiat X1/9, and back in the 80s in rural NJ the biggest danger was coming around a blind curve hot to find a farm tractor taking up the entire width of the road coming the other way :/

    I love small, light cars as well but can't fault a father for wanting his young daughter to be in something with a bit more steel around it than a Miata.
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    Creepy IMO
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    My second car was a '74 FIAT X1/9 that I got in '75 when I was a senior in high school with just 4,500 miles on it. Doctor bought it for his wife, and she ended up wanting something with an automatic. Chrome yellow. Loved that little car.
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    What he said.

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    Europe is not wall to wall SUV's with cellphone using idiots waiting to physically drive over a Miata.
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    Cooper S Clubman before huge. 14, 19k miles. Bond St. edition. 1/130.
    She’s got skills, more restraint after 92/65 was her problem. On way home with it she and brother discussed turn in, lift throttle, and balance. Both kids kart but skills need experience. Absolutely recommend good school. Daughter getting my M4GTS school at Spartandorf.

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    I was thinking more Countryman S. I had a couple of Cooper S, R53 and R56, and while small, they are safe cars. For a teenage daughter that wants a cool car, I like the Mini. The Countryman has 4 doors, and is a little bigger and higher, so being surrounded by behemoth SUVs won't be as intimidating. HPDE or Street Survival is a must.
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    Honda/Toyota -car not suv- is a no brainer. You'd also doing be doing your kid a huge favor by explaining to her that she doesn't need to be rolling around in a european vehicle just because classmates are. She'll thank you for it when she's older.

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