My first 900 F355 miles....impressions

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    I will agree that if you do not enjoy your f355, you should sell it. I've driven probably 50 Ferraris with vintages ranging from 1965 until 2010...the f355 is always the one that I wanted because it made me smile whenever I drove one. I am also a Porsche guy and love my 968 because it is an incredibly balanced analog car. Every time I drive a Boxster, I give it "meh". I will also say that 308/328 comparison talk with the 355 is a little absurd. It's like comparing a BMW 1974 2002 against a 1997 328is, one is an antique at this point and the other is a modern car.

    But to each their own... sell that 355 (pocket 50k) and drive the **** out of your 308!
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    Thanks for taking the time to write up your impressions after putting in some miles.

    Always an education and something interesting to learn. I hadn't driven a spider so I was unaware of the heat coming back into the cabin. Is that only when sitting at a stop light or is there some of that also when moving?

    The throttle modulation comes up every now and then for me. I wish there was a "perfect" fix.

    Let's see some more pics! Thanks.



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