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    Not a big deal with the front wheel or rear wheel bearings. Front bearings are the same as on early 348s, which are found on a Citron. Here is my diy thread on my 348 front bearings. You can probably find the bearings for $250 each, or less

    The Mondial t has the F119 engine, same as the 348, so if you need to find diy stuff and can’t find it in the Mondial section check the 348/355 section.

    As for the water pump, Ferraripilot’s (John) water pump is the shiznitz. It has a FAR superior impeller design to the original. I have one sitting in a box ready for my next engine out major.

    The fuel issues with the pumps are because of decaying dampening sleeves. Replace them with a set made out of Viton. I think Daniel has them for sale at Ricambi.
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