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    Aug 25, 2004
    Just a quick point for those reading this thread. My 88 Coupe has ABS. I believe it was an option from 87 and standard ont the 88s.

    : )
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    Hank Garfield
    Hi gang,
    Well, it's been 4 days since my 92 Mondial t Cab. (red/tan/tan) #93123 was delivered to my home. Talk about exciting!! I'm really starting to feel comfortable in that workmanlike, leather enviornment. 4 days in, I'm blown away by the intuitivness of the Valeo mechanism. It almost reads one's mind!!

    I opted for the Valeo Electronic Clutch equiped car simply because the concept intrigued me and, I like a quick shift. Way back in high school, I (you) won the race based on having had less to drink and being able to throw that gear change faster than the other cat! (well, Horsepower counted tool). I've already found that Valeo beats my foot every time!!
    As for features like PS & PB & ABS - - it all works brilliantly, making driving life quite comfortable. If I had a 3.2 without all that stuff, given that I was happy with her performance, I'm sure I would say "those are nice features but, I'm just plain happy as a lark with what I've parked"

    I do remember a Buyer's Guide article in Forza Mag. that said simply, and this is NOT a quote, to look for the latest model and best example that your budget will allow.

    Whatever, I can't stop grinning!~!!

    Cheers, Hank
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    P C Johnson
    Hank, I thought I’d get in on the discussion right about now partly because I share your enthusiasm about recently acquiring a Mondial and I appreciated your interest in seeing more photos of my t cab #85927 on the registry thread. Not to rain on Rachel’s mysterious ways of predicting shifting, I could only go with the 5-speed manual transmission for myself. I’m sort of new to the Fcar world after a twenty year hiatus from my first Mondial ride (1983 white on white) I took circa 1985. I can still visualize the sounds and smells from the rear seats, quite an impression. My car reminds me of my 1981 Fiat Spider 2000 except for the obvious contrast in mass and horsepower. I’ve just gotten over a starter replacement that seems to have solved my intermittent failure to crank problem. I was referred to the preferred independent Fcar repair shop where I had a very pleasant experience despite the serious “what else is really wrong with this car” apprehension. Excuse the digression from the transmission topic.

    I looked at pictures and read the brief history of the Valeo transmission in Bluemel’s book Original Ferrari V8. I have to admit I’m curious to see it work but would be too afraid to purchase one. Does it shift as smoothly cold as it does after the engine is warmed up? How does it handle down-shifting? I find 2nd gear notchy before 10 minutes of operation. I have yet to master “thoughtless” down-shifting although I can easily find 2nd gear and rev the engine RPMs close to where they should be before disengaging the clutch if I concentrate. I have to also confess that I only drive the car on 5 to 10 mile trips most days while taking her to the office four times (14 miles) on the highway is the extent of my first 600 miles of driving the car since June.


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