Miami Marine Stadium...Save a National Treasure

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    Well, back to the OP, this stadium has architectural significance and should be given landmark status. In addition, the bulkheading is worth its weight in gold; the permits required for bulkheading of that magnitude would take years. If there was ever a property that should purchased by the gov't, this is it. Spectacular setting for boat racing or concerts in a very desirable area.
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    Bernie's first-ever unlimited was a unique four-seater that he bought in about 1962 from Guy Lombardo (who was probably a better boat racer than he was a bandleader!) called Tempo. Talk about a fast pleasure boat!

    He liked the boat so much that he bought Bill Stead's former Maverick, got his buddy Augie Busch to bankroll the effort, renamed the boat Miss Budweiser, and the rest is history.

    Incidentally, the color scheme on the Budweiser boats, at least until Anheuser-Busch forced them to go all-red in the '90s, was the same scheme that Stead had had on Maverick and Shanty I. It was just coincidental that the colors happened to match those on the Budweiser label - and the beer within!
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    Looks as though the preservation and restoration of Miami Marine Stadium has gotten
    some wind in its sails.

    Received this petition link from ACT Productions regarding the preservation and restoration of
    the Miami Marine Stadium.

    This historic structure served as the home to the incredible Unlimited Hydroplane races for
    years until Hurricane Andrew caused some structural issues. The site was a popular concert
    venue as well.

    Today, it sits intact but covered in graffiti surrounded by the new parking lot area used for the
    new Miami Boat Show.

    Take the time to sign the petition to bring the Marine Stadium back to its former glory and
    pass the word. It would be so cool to see the Unlimiteds running here again.

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    David Lind
    This is an interesting thread that I otherwise would have no knowledge of. That Elvis movie previously alluded to was called "Clambake" ... kinda sounds like a porn movie to me!
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    ....with Forrest Gump as star.... :)

    (maybe cameo would be more appropriate ;))

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