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Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by nct, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Great read, I had not spotted that thread before. Lovely conversion, in my heart of hearts though the engine should remain Ferrari, there have been a couple of 599 engines for sale here in the UK recently and one from an FF, all for reasonable money.

    I have enough on my plate for now with other projects, but I think there would be a market for a Singer style conversion of these drivetrain less cars using running gear from a damaged modern Ferrari, they do have a hidden beauty if a lot of the awkward edges are smoothed off them, a bit like Boyd Coddington used to do to the 50's Americana cars but not as extreme as he used to go.
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    I didn't know that, thanks. The point was that a SII replica may be less criticized for being unlike the original car because the SII cars were not as identically shaped as the SI cars. Also, they are not as overexposed as the SI cars.

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    I played a little with the photos and the replica do miss a few (vital?) points.

    Could not get the exact angle of course but it is obvious that the real car has much less curved line from top of front fender to rear of door, IMO the replica has a corvette C3-ish look. The rear of the door is way to low.
    In the rear the replica seem to be higher and it does not slope like the original car. The replica car may be quite a bit longer than the original, in the front one could get away with long nose vc short nose but rear does not look too good.

    Front and rear appearance is quite well done.

    For me the most disappointing is the corvette-ish lines from the side, all in all a vintage Ferrari with a custom body not too far off what they tried to make.

    Maybe a perfect car for "cars and coffee" events and such, but you can get a lot of "genuine cars" for that kind of money.

    The real car seem to have something in common with the 275GTB from the side (top of fender to rear of door). Did not get much time to verify that, just from the back of mind and please regard this as a personal opinion, just finished my morning coffee. ;)
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    Windscreen is wrong ... amazing, and tail also wrong ...

    I do like the idea of putting 550 running gear in an otherwise ruined 250/330 ... and then lapping the replicated GTO/TR with your hand out the window giving them the single finger salute!
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    You could always go this route:
    Complete 250 4L Engine | GTO Engineering

    Here's another with Non-Ferrari running gear that was done nicely:

    At the very least they're not rotting away in a barn.
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    IMHO, The Series II GTO is one of my favorites along with the P4.

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