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Discussion in 'FF/Lusso/F12/812S' started by montpellier, Feb 22, 2018.

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    I live down a country lane which is quite rutted and unsurfaced, for that and urban car parks the lift is very reassuring.
    I know it's not much, but the Lusso doesn't bottom out/scrape.

    On the above dilemma, "Its really hard" is all I can say.
    They are both brilliant, visually identical yet totally different cars.
    If you don't live is a snow state and like a sportier 'lighter" feeling drive, I'd go V8T, but then if you never have had a V12 in the garage maybe go and tick that box. There is no right for wrong. Maybe buy both like Joe, maybe buy the V8 and own classic V12's like me. Or buy the V12 and own a classic V8 like a 458 !

    If you can't wait for Joe's review then please try to drive both if you are thinking of buying new, make sure your dealer allows you to test both.
    Think about the climate where you are (V8 unexpectedly great in the rain, V12 4WD for the snow), think about your driving style, where do you want the punch in the rev range to be?

    Anyway, welcome aboard !
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  3. Natkingcolebasket69

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    That I would find hard to believe but given u have all the toys I will believ it;)

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  4. Caeruleus11

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    Jun 11, 2013
    One nice thing about the lifter on the Lusso (and I think FF)- it lifts both ends of the car- not just the front. I have it on mine and I don't use it very often- but I have been very glad the times I've needed it- mostly going places where parking is in a field- its nice to know you can raise the car- you never know if there's an errant rock or branch that can cause under car damage. I'd say its worth searching out a car with it- but its probably not strictly a must, the car has pretty good ground clearance.
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  5. FFantastic

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    Mar 23, 2015
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    After having my V12 Lusso written off in a near head on crash 4 weeks ago i had a couple of dilemmas;

    The person who hit me head on was trying to commit suicide and was arrested at the scene under the mental health act;
    Her insurance company invoked Article 75 (more later) which means they will not pay out for anyone or anything
    I cannot replace my beloved Lusso with a new one
    My insurance company have agreed to pay but when is another issue.

    So, to the used market for the replacement.
    Problems as I see them are how can I trust a Used V12 given that I know how I treated mine but can't be sure how others were treated which could impact on the PTU at some later date plus the spec. I spent ages choosing what I wanted as MY car and to find anything remotely similar may take forever.
    Never considered the T before but found an absolute beauty in Grigio Silverstone with Terra Bruciata (scorched earth) interior inc lifter, JBL, carbon cills, kickplate, splitter etc etc. only 3000 miles by one very careful and fastidious owner.

    What a revelation, Very quick in the actual real world, bags of low end torque, turn in much sharper, feels much more up together and on its toes due to much less weight and mechanical goings on up front. plus 500 miles plus on a tank full. Cruising at 100mph averaging 26mpg in near silence makes a nice change. in all, a very chuckable car. So I bought it.

    Article 75 is a recent law change which all insurers bought in to reduce the impact on insurance companies when the collision was deliberate or the driver was breaking the law which could include speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Plus, and this is critical, Article 75 can be invoked if it is proven that the information given at the time of the insurance application including health issues, eye sight issues, driving history, car modifications etc.

    If an insurance company invokes Article 75 they will not pay out for your damage or for any third party damage and basically you become an uninsured driver which means the third party can privately sue you for their losses using their own legal protection cover.

    Very scary if you have a nice house.
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  6. shifter

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    Apr 8, 2004
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    Well stated. I’ve received some good natured grief from friends / club members over buying a T vs v12, but those who drive both, and are focused on the driving experience, have a warmer reception to the T.

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  8. Caeruleus11

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    Jun 11, 2013
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Glad you are safe and found a suitable replacement and thanks for the info on the T, please keep us updated. Also thank you for the interesting state of affairs I take it in the UK with insurance.

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  9. FFantastic

    FFantastic Formula Junior

    Mar 23, 2015
    UK Riviera
    Thanks for that and yes it is the UK for sure but probably world wide now as insurance is a global underwrite.
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