Lamborghini Countach Low Body S2- Auction

Discussion in 'Cars' started by roytoy2003, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Kie Robertson
    Excuse me ?
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    Brian did you do the restoration of this car and did you buy it off the guy who got it out of that pawn shop?

    It'd be curious to see the history of the car and what everybody did with it...

    Imagine, from $21K paid out in 2008 to $555K ask in 2017, what a story!
  3. kiesan

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    Kie Robertson
    This is indeed the pawn shop lambo. I'm that guy that read this thread by phrogs in 2008:

    Reading that thread 9 years ago made me think about the Countach LP400S2 fixer-upper I had briefly seen in 2007. I decided to see if I could track it down. I found it and bought it at a Seattle area pawn shop.

    After I bought it and dragged it home, I contacted phrogs to express my gratitude. I offered it to him for what I thought was a fair price. At the time, that "fair price" I offered phrogs was $5k more than what George Evans had told me would be "stealing" it.

    phrogs deliberated and took a pass. I sent him some cash in the mail as a thank you.

    All the while I had this thread going:

    At some point emilio contacted me and made an offer to buy the car. Then something happened and he withdrew his offer which was fine by me.

    Shortly thereafter NSXER aka Brian contacted me and made an offer just a bit under what I had offered it to phrogs for. I accepted. Brian flew to Seattle the next day and I picked him up at the airport in my 928 to bring him to my motorcycle shop and show him the car. A week later a truck showed up and away it went. Done deal!

    Subsequently Brian made it into one of the most stunning cars I have ever seen. If I was my 3 or 4 year from now future self Roy would have a customer. WA State dmv would not even have to transfer the registration as far as I know lol.

    I'm not understanding how anyone on F-chat could in any way feel backstabbed over this deal. But there are many things in life I don't understand.

    C'est la vie
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    Very cool story and the history is what it is---

    Brian did you do the entire restoration to silver yourself? Did it go through other hands until when it ended up at Roy?

    Amazing history here, and it all happened with FChat members, which tells you something about the ecosystem in itself!
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    I remember reading the thread in 2008. Roy you should swing by the pawn shop in it and see what he'll loan you on it. 😀😀😀😀

    EMILIO F1 Veteran

    Feb 23, 2006
    the part regarding me is 100% correct
    i had to buy it toegether with a friend at the time (50% - 50%). we had all set, then he stepped back on the purchase ...i am still sorry for this since i would have wanted to restore it in Italy with him...

    to make it worst to swallow today the car is worth probably 3 times what we would have paid for it, shipping, import taxes and restoration

    as Kie said...c'est la vie
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    Israel Beiteinu
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    I have better stories ;).

    Where do I start ?

    Less than ten years ago, I sold a complete 67 911S project (not a rust bucket) with the correct wheels and matching #'s for less than 15K.

    During approximately 2002/2003, I read in a supermarket magazine section, about a moron that sold a 904/906 Porsche at no reserve, in a muscle car auction for approximately 150K.

    A yellow 365 Daytona for sale on F.C., with minor engine issues - 90K.

    CGT's for sale with 1000 miles for 275K.

    Jim Kaminski.
    I can get you an SV, for between 250/300K.

    Lamborghini Dallas.
    Had a gorgeous silver 400GT transition car on the floor, for 'less' than the cost of the SE 30.
    At the time, a 1000 mile SE 30 was less than a very nice 6.0. One owner blue 6.0 for sale with 10,000 miles at 150K - LOD.

    F40 - 300K

    High school era.
    300SL Gullwing drivers for sale at 30K - 50K (for an excellent car).

    The Fox LP 400 'clean Countach'
    sold for 90K.

    The yellow LP 400 (Los Angeles) with the escort in-dash radar detector on eBay for around 125K.
    He would not answer anybody's questions.
    The BIN price was listed :)

    Last but not least.

    Do you buy the 512 BBi or the restored 250 PF coupe for the exact same coin ?
    Your choice :D.
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    Roy L. Cats
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    what a stunner!!!
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    No excuse for you

    But since you asked here goes.

    You contacted me about this car before you even knew of its actual wearabouts, price, or if it was for sale, you knew it was in your local area but not much else.

    You had me hopeful you could find the car since you had seen it with your own eyes, I believed you to be honest since you came to me with this info, I also know that you could have been full of it and wasnt too excited as these searches don't always pan out, I have bought many project cars like this in the past as those who had reached out to me in my specific car searches have had no hand in the game.

    You were different. Hell buying a Lamborghini is different.

    The fact that you can't admit or realize what you did with that car between you and I is just unbelieveable. Yet not unsuprising.

    If you had actually wanted a countach and not just the $$$ it would seem to me that a guy like you who saw my thread on fchat searching for a Project Countach then though hey I want a Countach, I know where one may be So since I'm so smart let me do this, I'll tell this stranger on fchat all about what I know about this black Countach that I really want for myself..

    People actually looking for a car like that would keep any possible cars location a secret until they had the chance at it first.

    If I had a countach floating around in my local area and was a buyer, I certainly wouldn't tell a stranger on fchat who was looking for a project Countach where one may be, then offer to find said car and pass on the info to the guy searching.

    The pawn shop guy wasnt smart and only wanted 20k for it, and you just couldn't pass making a quick buck, how come when you did find the car, found out it was for sale you just decided not to tell me about it until after you bought it?

    We had been emailing, phone calls the whole bit right until you thought you had a good lead you had emailed me or PMed me about it, the next message I got said to call you asap.

    I made that call call and somehow I knew before you said anything that you had bought it.

    You never gave me a chance at buying it until after you bought it and you wanted me to give you $50,000 for your trouble.

    Please explain why you would tell me about this car act like you wanted to help me only to find it and then buy it?

    Thats what pisses me off

    You came to me with the story about someones shop had been working on it and you would see if you could find it, I figured someone giving me all that info and wiling to help me track down a car didn't have any interest in purchasing it, I mean wouldnt offer that kind of help if I had even a shread of wanting said car. I never would have gotten ahold of you and told you what you told me only to buy the damn car.

    But that 20k price you just couldn't pass up such a sweet deal and screw that guy on fchat.

    So yeah you stabed me in the back

    The reason I passed on this car when you offered it to me was I flat out refused to give you 50k more you paid for a car "you always wanted and were going to restore"
  11. ///Mike

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    Dec 11, 2003
    That's an understatement and a half. But then again, there aren't really words to describe such a car, at least as far as I'm concerned. My wet dreams aren't as stimulating as this car. ;)
  12. kiesan

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    Kie Robertson
    whoa phrogs those are some sour grapes you're snacking on. You have edited out the part about having my $200 waiting there for me if I come in person for a friendly visit. I guess that means you're keeping it.

    You refer to my story as a "story" as if to imply I'm some kind of revisionist. When in fact its a very simple bit of 10 year old non-fiction with not that many moving parts.

    In 2007 I was at a friend's car repair shop. He was working on a tatty Countach.

    In 2008 I read a thread on the internet. The poster was looking for a fixer-upper Countach.

    Since I had in fact seen a car like that, I decided to see if I could find it. Using equal parts luck and determination, I found it and bought it.

    Since the thread was the catalyst for my seeking out the car, I offered it to that person for fair market value. That was the only person I ever offered the car for sale to.

    That person passed on the deal without even a counteroffer. I shrugged my shoulders and said "oh well". I asked the non-buyer for a street address to send them some cash which they provided.

    I then started a thread about the car and began my own plans for restoration. Before I could really get going, a person with actual interest in the car asked me if I'd sell it and made a reasonable offer. I accepted his offer. He bought it from me.

    The End.

    From the tone and tenor of your post phrogs... you seem less than pleased with me and my actions from 2008. I'm sorry you feel that way. One wonders why so much time has passed and this is the 1st time for you to be airing the dirty laundry.

    And why this thread? This gorgeous piece of machinery in 2017 in its current state has nothing to do with where it was and who owned it in 2008.

    In 2008 you had your own thread about finding a car to tell your tale of woe. No mention of this terrible transgression and how you were denied your dream car. An even better place might have been my thread about the car since I'm the bad guy. Not a peep there either. Never a phone call to me, no pm's or emails detailing your dissatisfaction. 9 years later you pick this thread to make your claims. Weird science!

    Since we're on the subject (sorry Roy!) and you say I stole your dream car... a couple observations. You point at the delta between what you believe I paid for the car and what I offered it to you for as far too much $$$. Fine. I get it. Everyone who has ever bought a car gets it. The seller's price is too high. Which begs the question...

    Why in the heck did you not make a LOWER OFFER ??? I don't want to ruin your day further but had you merely done that I would have taken significantly less. I remember thinking the same thing at the time 9 years ago. I wondered why this guy would go to all this pain/suffering to find what cannot be found. Only to find it and not pick it up.

    I'm sorry phrogs but you are the only reason you don't have this car today. Not me or anyone else. You asked the world for a ridiculously rare and hard to find item in less than stellar condition which is even more difficult to locate. The world called you with one and you didn't pull the trigger or even ask for a softer spring.
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    Claude Laforest
    There is always two side of a medal.
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